uneeded penguins?

if you have unwanted penguins, can you donate them to me.

Note: they will only be for my use and your use. they will not be public penguins because too many of them wind up banned. i might share them with a few trust worthy friends.

Note: when i say might that doesnt mean im for sure that just means maybe

 Note: E-mail me the username and pass word through my e-mail which is englandfire@aol.com or u can chat with me at itseric111@aim.com  dont comment!!!! everyone will see it and theres a lot of mean people out there


~ by Eric E on December 18, 2008.

One Response to “uneeded penguins?”

  1. Awesome Site!
    and also, how did u find my site?
    ok. this is a let down :sad:. i cant get on that penguin anymore, but i still have time to fix it. if i cant, i will still ge u an awesome prize like a free membership! :happy: but plz keep commenting!
    Eric E: Thank you for the complement. i dont remember how i found it, oh wait a minute, i saw a tag that said member contest i think. membership, well if u could find a another penguin that would be alot better but if u cant thats ok. (the other penguin doesnt have to be as good as allster556) i will keep on commenting if i need to do so! see you buddy!

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