party is over :`(

party was a disaster 😦 no one showed up. 😦


~ by Eric E on December 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “party is over :`(”

  1. sorry i didnt come. i forgot i had a family gathering, we can meet at my 3000 hits party.
    Eric E: u had a family gathering also, me too! yes, we will meet at your 3000 hits party! trust me man, i wouldnt worry about not showing up, u would have been disappointed also. im glad u did something else, honestly. u would have been bored. c ya on cp sometime! speaking of, ur 3 comments away from 1000 coins for 1 account!and trust me i found other things to do on cp. like i had to earn enough coins for a pair of shoes and a lasso

  2. Sorry about the party eric!
    Come to my 500 hits party! Find the info on my site.
    Eric E: why sorry yellowlassie? its water under the bridge now. of course ill come to your party! thank you for your concern but im just happy im getting better from my recent skin condition!

  3. Well its only a 100 hits party.

    Eric E: indeed you’re right. i did notice that and thats why im not that upset, im letting it go to 500 or so hits. bye! c ya on cp sometime!

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