cool coinsedence! or how ever you spell that word

I saw straw000 on yahoo answers! i have a yahoo acount. i change my name every now and then but he had his name as straw000 and he had his penguin picture! i answered the same question he did! i might e-mail him! and another thing. i got penguin of the week for und3ro4th97 site! again i would like to announce her site and advertise it. shes on my blogroll. i cant seem to get the link right but ill try: here it is!

oh and also. remember pplz! Sunrise moon’s party is tommorow and maybe cookie malt will be there! as u may or may not know, cookie malt and sunrise moon are both famous penguins. they work together on the same site call club penguin cheats. there also on my blog roll. plz attend their site to see details and they have a great site so just browse around and you will find some kewl stuff! there site has a lot of hits also. i think around 20,000 or 25,000 thousand hits!

oh and i checked the link it worked for her site!

Straw000 connected with me and were yahoo buddies now!!!!!! kewlio!!!


~ by Eric E on December 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “cool coinsedence! or how ever you spell that word”

  1. no heatblast 275 was not at my party yesterday but kingpin2, chewy828, and iluvtwinkies were there.
    Eric E: kewlio. hey and was a guy named soccerkid945 or whatever there? cause i deleted a guy name soccerkid9456 or something like that.

  2. im iluvtwinkies??

  3. please chewy828 addme as cheweh chewy828 and kingpin2

    cmoney53 cmoney53 is my penguin name on clubpenguin

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