old friends!

u know that friend who got me back into cp after 42 days. we talked after each other after 2 months. (hes my best friend in real life)! and were cp buddies again! his name is cooldude 618. u can add him but i dont know if he will keep you. (he only adds ppl he knows which i know him. hes my best friend in real life) i will beg and try to talk him into keeping you though! bye bye ~eric e~ ok and we also have a little over 300 hits! i think ill have a 500 hits party! i hope it will be better. cooldude 618 will probably be there. he know to be kinda famous, one time like 6 or 7 penguins walked up to him and said he was very famous and added him to their buddy and famous penguin list! hes like 510 days old! im only 256 and thats eric e’s penguin. he very old and probably has a lot of rare items! ill probably add him as an author or even administrator of this site!


~ by Eric E on January 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “old friends!”

  1. Its ok. Don’t go to my site. I said sorry. I said sorry about one billion times, actually. My rareish penguin got hacked. I got threatened. I didnt badmouth sunrise, i badmouthed myself. So, choose.
    Eric E: im not choosing. im sorry li gi 99 and sunrise moon but i cant choose. i like you both so much and you’re both so kewl too me. i hate this! i believe that you got threatened and i just hope you guys can be friends again. i want to be friends with both of you. SM was my first site but then i began liking you also! 😦 this is making me upset! im either going to be both of your friends or im neither of your friends. thats it, sorry. you guys choose if you want me to be your friend or not. just know that i like you both.

  2. Hey Eric its me Numinater of TNS Productions. I was wondering if you wanted to be an author on my other website. Here is a link.
    Reply and give me the answer!
    Eric E: i left the answer on ur site! the answer is YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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