New Play

Hey waddlers, Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal returned to the play today. There are no cheats in the catalog But here is what it looks like:


Dont forget to check out my buddy werlinator’s site!

Thats all!


Also, dont forget to come to my 4000 hits party on sunday at the sleet dock at 2:00pst


~ by sabres678 on January 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “New Play”

  1. can an editor do more than an author? if so i need to add u as an editor………. so u can moderate comments and stuff like that…… plz tell me 🙂 i want to promote u. im trying to give u the highest level next to adminestrator. i want u to be as important as me…….. (im not that important 🙂 i mean like site wise) 😉

  2. u know, my member penguin which is only 56 days old today, is getting so much rarer! my other penguin is 265 days old! he was also a member! at 1 time

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