5000 Hits!!!! (sabres678)

Me, sabres678 is proud to say that this site, sabres678.wordpress.com, now has 5000 hits!!!!!! I have to say that this is one of the greatest accomplishments in my life! This day, January 15, 2009 will never leave my mind. I would especially like to thank Chase, Sparkyrulez2, Smallfry12, Shadow126, Eri4280/Eric E, Wexfief, sabres333, tiberus98, cooldood549, numinater, micro nik, and werlinator for helping learn about cp and about wordpress. Of course, we will have a party for this occasion. The party will be on Sabertooth at the Dock at 2:00pst time on Saturday, January 24!  I am really excited! I will be filming at the party!  Also, there will be a commenting contest on this post. Whoever comments the most wins either a free non member penguin or a free clubpenguin membership depending on how many times you comment. I will get a pic of he penguin ASAP!



~ by sabres678 on January 15, 2009.

One Response to “5000 Hits!!!! (sabres678)”

  1. well to fire off this one, you have teached me a lot about wordpress. honestly i dont wanna get mushy or anything, but without u sabres i would probably not be here today with as many hits as i do. i mean that also.

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