New Igloo Catalog+Pin+Dj Cadence

The new igloo catalog is out today. Click on the terracotta sun for the superhero stage poster:


Click on the velvet rope for the welcome mat:


You can pick up the taco pin at the clock tower:


In other exciting news, I met Dj Cadence! Here is what her player card looks like:


Here is a pic of me with her backround:


All thanks to braveboy24, because he was the one on Fjord when I met her.

Also, TNS is having a search party later, so everyone can try to get her backround. Please comment if you can help in the search.


Dont forget to check out my Dj Cadence Guide!



~ by sabres678 on January 16, 2009.

One Response to “New Igloo Catalog+Pin+Dj Cadence”

  1. good post dude! thanks for helping out on my site, i have been really sick all day long 😦 btw the taco pin looks kewl with the mexican rug backround. like the really colourful rug 😉 there trying to get us in the mood for the fiesta.

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