can someone plz answer me a question?

hey, when you get a coin code, how many items can you unlock with one code? thank you!



~ by Eric E on January 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “can someone plz answer me a question?”

  1. You can unlock two items per code.
    Eric4280: thanku! man i though it was four! dang!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey everybody

    I’m having a 30,000 Hits party

    And I’m gonna give away 6 Coin Codes to unlock items for your penguin.

    I hope everybody can come

    For more info go to

    You might win a code

    Eric4280: cool!

  3. hey…the penguin ranger page i made? that was about like, im making a new blog for it, it has a ne world and stuff, and penguin rangers its almost like pokemon ranger thats where i got the idea cuz i was so bored, so the rangers on the other blog im making, they will have to find a way to solve a mysterie, and go on quests…its really hard, becuz u have to pass through the school i made 😛 lol
    Eric4280: sounds cool but i never saw any pokemon stuff so yeahhhhhhhhhhh

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