Cool site

Hey penguins! I found a cool site founded by tommy214, and it is getting better. He is a great site owner and is having a cool contest on his site right now. You should check it out here. The official link is


agreed plz go to  , he rockz!


~ by sabres678 on January 26, 2009.

One Response to “Cool site”

  1. Coool,you have 2300 points,you won the a coin code.I will send it to you in 5-6 days because I have no coin codes yet,but I will get some very soon!!!
    Eric4280: well i really appreciate you thinking of me and all, but you dont have to send me a coin code if you dont wanna. i mean i dont mind advertising pplz sites, if you want to give me one thats okay, if you dont, thats okay also! whatever you want to do! btw how did i get 2300 points?

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