ideas for contests!

ok, does any one have a good idea for a commenting contest, besides membership or coin codes, well i guess i can do membership but not coin codes, im already have problems with that. would any one mind contesting for a 40 day old penguin? i mean hes not real rare but u wouldnt have to compete a lot. plus he is very recent and up to date with all the free items and pins, has every backround so far, and i think he has like 15,000 coins! hes a non member. bu would any one mind that? i mean im not doing it right away so he will get older! just wondering?! u know. just trying to get an idea of what people like. plz reply. note my oldest penguin which is eric e is like 281 days old and i would NEVER trade him so thats not an option. i have a few 30-40 day old penguins, one 22 day old, penguin two 70-80 day old penguins (one is Eric4280 and the other is Ninja4280) and one 280-290 day old which is Eric E. so dont even think about him, lolz! plz comment!

ps, sabres678, dont get mad, i really loved your idea of the colour posts! it’s awesome! can i use it? if i can’t ill change it back.

cannot be for

coin codes

insaneboy683 (my youtube is named after him)


eric e



all other are fair game so far…. i might take off penguins and just do a membership contest. im not really sure yet, depending on how much you comment.


~ by Eric E on January 26, 2009.

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