no one came.

idk about a 1000 hits party now, no one has ever came to my partys. 😦

~ by Eric E on January 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “:(”

  1. im so sry. my school dance was last night. I had a blast!
    Eric4280: cool! i had mine last week, but thats the week i left my school! im so happy i left!

  2. i would have cam except i thoght it was on SATURDAY!!

    Eric4280: np, u must of just commented!

  3. O btw!! if u ever see this number calling, its my cell

    Eric4280: uhh ok?

  4. im cancelling my party. until 500
    im stillafraid that no one will cme.
    im sorry no one came to urs. Im suprised!
    Eric4280: can’t say that i blame ya for being nervous.

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