think im gonna quit cp maybe.

for these reasons. 

im gettin kinda angry with club penguin. i’ll still go on sometimes. >:-<

cp has been making so many mistakes. so until they figure out what they’re doing, and stop being so unfair to non members, im not going to go on as much nor buy any more membership.

reasons for post poning parties cause they dont want to give non members to many player card items, is just plain stupid! they should treat non members more farely, and maybe not rub it in so much. you know some ppl can’t afford membership, they dont need to rub it in.


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~ by Eric E on January 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “think im gonna quit cp maybe.”

  1. you are so right
    Eric480: thank you, this is getting stupid. i mean, now it’s march fun?! it’s gettin kinda gay if you ask me, next it will be april fun! the party is probably gonna be for 2 days, either that or just for members. it’s gettin stupid, i understand now why so many people like mike92 and tooly228 are quitting all together.

  2. They need to be more reasonable!!!
    Some ppl dont have enough money for membership…and they dont put good clothes in the clothing catologs…they dont let Rockhopper come enough…THEY DONT HAVE ENOUGH FREE ITEMS AT PARTIES!!! And they keep putting on returning plays!!!
    I liked it better when Miniclips owned it…Plus there wern’t as many bugs.
    Eric4280: i wasn’t around when miniclip owned it. they give away 1 free item at parties 😦 NOT ENOUGH! there not putting good clothes in the catalogue, i mean really, who wants a gingerbread costume? or a tweed over coat that makes you look like a blimp! i will say i do like the plays but they need one every 2 weeks, not every 1 month! i can’t wait for the sporty play cause my new member can get the member items and backrounds. rockhopper always brings a free item so thats cool, he does need to come more! theres too many bugs also! they say their will be a new book out and then they post pone it a week! they have new books for christmas and then they dont keep em?! it’s really draggin’ the game out

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