gettin into planet cazmo

gettin into planet cazmo. insaneboy683

u can say a lot more on cazmo than u can cp, do a lot more. they dont push membership on as much as cp. cp is still my number 1 love though when it comes to MMORPG’s. u know a lot of people who are on planet cazmo also play club penguin. i asked 2 ppl who i made buddies with on cazmo if they played cp, they said, “of course i do!!!!! CP ROCKZ!!!!”. thats what they said 😉  🙂  mimo777, sunrise moon, and a lot of other play planet cazmo! btw not to sound greedy, if ur gonna sign up, let me send u an e-mail about it and refer you, if i do ill get like 200 cazmo coins each person. comment on this post ur e-mail if u wanna sign up, then ill refer u! u will get 1000 starter coins and i get 200 coins! u really need ur coins in the game though, club penguin games pay out a lot more and there more fun, but there both great!


~ by Eric E on February 5, 2009.

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