the dojo hideout+pengu of week!

well the dojo hidout was super crowded today with acp and ninjas! here are some pics.





heres my friend muddyducky. not the billybob one.


and i totally randomly ran into penguingrl/staceycutie9! i have been wanting to meet her and i just randomly did it! she is the penguin of the week! heres her pic!



~ by Eric E on February 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “the dojo hideout+pengu of week!”

  1. :O YAY! thank you! lol! oh and can ya help me with something? about the EPAA thing? U GOTTA HELP ME! im a girl, so i dont know what to do with armies unless it was a game on PS3 or Xbox 306! eeeek…

  2. o hey not to be pushy or anything but….can u advertise my site????
    ive been doin really bad in hits

    o btw how do u change ur avatar????

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