This is Good bye.

This is Good bye guys. i have had a great run in wordpress and in club penguin. I will continue to play club penguin, hopefully for a couple more years or so. I have been planning how i would break this to you for quite a while, but i finally am quitting wordpress.

i was thinking today in my head, about how a year ago i started club penguin and it use to be so much fun and joy. i never knew about beta hats, or shamrock pins, or camo backrounds, i was just naive of cp. it used to be so much fun learning new things about it and having my best friend cooldude 618 come over. we used to play cart surfer just for the fun of it, not for being rich in cp. i want to go back to those days where we would have to find out missions together by ourselves, not just go on a blog and just read on how to do them. i don’t wanna worry about being the rarest and famous penguin out there anymore.

i used to think becoming famous was easy and you would just have to create a blog and that was it, turns out it is extremely hard! there are so many other cp blogs out there that i will not be missed. i will continue to comment on other blogs, but for now, i am getting tired of posting. i was thinking of the old days and why cp isn’t like what it is a year ago, and i came to the conclusion that it’s the fact of cp is becoming more work than play. especially trying to make it in teh blog world and famous penguin world.

i just wanna go back to the regular, naive self i was a year ago. i will never forget my blog experiences, and the friends i have made through it. this is my final desicion, and i may decide to come back, but i highly doubt it. I know it has only been five or six months, but i have learned and made so many friends in those 5 or 6 months that it is unbelievable, some Club penguin people some not.Β  I wish the all of you the best of luck in life and i hope you all succeed with whatever dreams you may have. So for the final time, Good bye.

here is a nice song for you guys

~ by Eric E on April 17, 2009.

15 Responses to “This is Good bye.”

  1. You think you won’t be missed? You’ll be missed like hell, Eric.

  2. I always check your blog! You’ll definitley be missed by me.

  3. I know how you feel about the whole just a finger click away thing. Cp was a lot funner without knowing all the answers to everything.

  4. 😦

  5. you will definetly be missed, youve had a great run on wordpress, one of the best

  6. thanks, i might start posting again. im really sick right now though.

  7. Ya, I know what you mean. Now we know like EVERYTHING. I don’t exactly want to know about the latest glitches. I get up early to post, whereas then I know what I’m going to see after school, as I only just have time before. I DON’T DON’T DON’T DON’T want to be famous, I wanna play. WITHOUT the answers to everything, but I can’t forgot them. And yup, like everyone else said…. YOU WILL BE MISSED, dude, you will.


  8. I`ll miss u buddy… LOL even though I never really knew you. Once I`m famous (off to a good strt) I will Tell them about you. And if you come back. You will probably have 1,000,000,000 hits +. But yeah dude, You had an awesome run. Just wish you could stay longer….REMEMBER MY NAME!

  9. I want to be famous as a Penguin not as a blogger

  10. Hey Good Job on saying a clear Good bye. Funny I was just thinking about this today as a friend of mind deleted their blog with no warning. Thinking about that I thought a polite and simple good bye. So first time at your blog but well done on a nice good bye. It’s important in Life to know when to say good bye and to take care of yourself. So with that I say Hello and now Good bye.;+) wish you well.

  11. k bye eric! we’ll all miss yaa! ill talk to u on youtube! πŸ˜‰
    i feel the same way about blogging >_> lol, i mean i have been blogging for about 7,8, or 9 months!

  12. 😐 I should have checked earlier.

  13. LOL IF you ever come back to check it….. I still check your site.

  14. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  15. there you go!

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