A lot has gone on.

Hey guys, for the past month crazy stuff has went on. Dramatic school work, swimming, every thing has been hectic. For the past month every since i quit I have been debating on whether to come back or not. I would always lean toward the yes side, but sometimes I figured it is just to much work.

Lately, I have been thinking what i want to turn this blog into, and I figured this would be a cool EVERYTHING blog! I want to do more stuff with this blog, although i will still play and post about club penguin, this blog will be about: Life, sports, sports cards, philosphy, club penguin. Basically the works. I still need all of your guys support!

I hope every one comes back to this blog, that would be lovely and wonderful!

Here is a start at it. Lately I have been practicing Baseball for the next U.S.A junior season! Although i am only 13 years of age, I will be playing against 14, 15, and 16 year olds which requires practice. I know I will make the team though! Wish me luck and follow me not on twitter, but on youtube.


~ by Eric E on May 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “A lot has gone on.”

  1. you already know that i did

  2. Yes, I knew 100 🙂 Thank you for coming back buddy, always glad to have you 🙂

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