Some dirt on RH

Hola amigos, Eric here to tell you some new rumors about our best pirate friend Rockhopper. First, I will start with his new back rounds.

This is a REAL background. However, if you went to Disney World in Florida, he gave you a special coin code to enter in, and you would unlock this background! Unfortunately, many people could not attend this special event which makes this background EXTREMELY rare.
File:Rockhopper background.PNG

It may just be rarer than the camo background 😮

Here is the new autographed background. There’s a major rumor going on that this is a one time and one time only background. Because of the plants, but they’re saying they will just remove the plants later. 😦 The backrounds he has offered are rare, including: both signed backgrounds, oversized plant background, map-to-treasure background ( the one he gave out last time).

File:Rh new bg.png

Here is his old background.


A few months ago Rockhopper secretely changed his Background autograph without anyone being notified. Thanks to Cooldood549 and the whole TNS gang for putting that on a post. It use to be a bit more sloppier, “Hey, what do you expect, it’s an autograph”!

Laugh out loud, sorry, I collect famous peoples autographs in real life! 😮 I collect: music, celebrity, and sport autographs.

Another thing, Rockhopper is a five star member? I have never seen him wear anything else than a black pirate hat, black unibrow, and black beard. Hmm???

Another thing, when have you seen Rockhopper ever walk his puffle Yarr?! I mean really?! Also, when I met him a year ago, I could send him a post card and click on the house emote on his card. Can’t do that no more.

File:Rh yarr card.png

They’re now saying he could be related to Sensei, because of the same eye brows and beard. However, this is not true at all since RH said so.

RH also has a “quad-locked” password. Which means he could only be put logged in if he puts his password four times.

So there you have it. Thanks to club penguin wikia for all of the information. I recieved all the info from that site with all of their great authors and admins! Good job boys.


~ by Eric E on May 27, 2009.

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