What happened

Okay, blogging for me isn’t always about hits :). But they sure are nice, and we lost over 300 last night! C’mon! Okay, I know the Rockhopper tracker helped, that drug in some hits. But is this site that boring?! I mean, I know I copy stuff from the cp blog so it is just as easy to get info from them, but c’mon! 😦 I hope we do better tonight, so far the clock has ticked for about 18 minutes (wordpress.com time is like 5 hours ahead of Pacific Time) and so far we 0 hits! Although I just saw 3 people on this site, the hit counter may be going wacky again.

Anyways lets bring some hits home!

Lecraeman, work some magic brother! Lets do some posts and crazy stuff with this site together!

Sabres678, come back!

I know I can be the next Straw000, I know lecraeman can be the next Mimo777, and I know sabres678 can be the next Tooly228! All we have to do is work at this blog and we will become great and famous!


~ by Eric E on June 1, 2009.

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