Time to work some magic!

Eric E: Eric E will only be a non member for a couple more days. He just became a non member yesterday

Eric E: CRAE! SUP BUDDY! You’re on my buddy list on Eric4280. I would rather have you on Eric E, but 4280 is okay for right now. I switched main penguins again. Yes, I may be on. Are you on? Sabres678 is a cool dude, you will like him. πŸ™‚ P.S. I’m adding tags to this post, they drag in hundreds of hits when you do!

Eric E’s other update: Lecraeman, do you have a youtube besides the E.P.A.A one? I think you do but I’m not sure.

Eric E: Remember, none of us use trainers! We are not responsible for anything. I have never tried a trainer or third party programs so I absolutely have no clue how they work.

UPDATE: ERIC E i need to add your penguin to my buddy list so please update this post on where because i think your on!

As Eric E said “lecraeman brother, work some magic!” thats what i am trying to do! I have several pages about trainers(which are soooo cool!) i am going to make them myself but cp broke all trainers so i have to get someone to help. Which by the way means two of the pages are usless “codes for making cp trainers” and “Working cp trainers” i am working on it though! Please read the post below this one to!


~ by lecraeman on June 2, 2009.

13 Responses to “Time to work some magic!”

  1. i put your blog on my blog roll

  2. cool i just saw you on cp!

  3. DUDE! YOU HAVE BROUGHT IN 58 HITS IN LIKE, LESS THEN YOUR FIRST DAY! We’re gonna make a heck of a team! Okay, meet me at my baseball party. NICE HEADER! How do you do that? I think it’s like MS paint or something.

    Trainers, okay. But I have asked the cp blog to view my site, so make them covert ok! Covert means like secret.

  4. WAIT 100! MY BLOG OR CRAE’S BLOG? Well, I guess I could check πŸ˜€

  5. yo eric!
    my site is hacked!
    long time no talk wats uppp?

    REPLY: hey it’s me lecraeman! Haven’t talked to you in awhile!

  6. Um ok? Hey penguingrl! i have bad news my best friends site was deleted!

  7. Its meh birthday in a week. Keep on lookin at meh utube lol!

  8. I am starting a new YouTube account soon. But till then I use my other. Eric can you passwordprotect or hide the trainer pages? DO NOT DELETE THEM THOUGH!!!

  9. Yes, I can.

  10. Well yeah you can but i mean PLEASE DONT! Just hide em! please!

  11. Why did you delete the cheats post eric?

  12. I didn’t delete it! I just unsticked it. Should I restick it? No offense intended.

  13. crae. I just became a non member yesterday! I’m renewing it tomorrow!

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