Lecraemans story!

UPDATE TO ERIC: i changed the theme so the header would fit! do you mind? if you do i will change it back to the other one!

Here is are soon to be clickable banner! I havent finished the code to make it link yet!IS it showing?  So if it isnt comment and say i cant see the banner! This stuff including the header was made by lecraeman!


This is made and wrote by lecraeman it is his life as a penguin!

my story


~ by lecraeman on June 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “Lecraemans story!”

  1. cool huh? I can make a ton of these!

  2. Nice! How did you make it? I like the part about me! It’s funny!

  3. WHAT? What part?

  4. “But the place was destroyed and so he asked another penguin called Eric E if he could help with his… and so it is that you are reading this…”

    That is what you said in the last sentence. It includes me! Yay!!!

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