New exclusive cheats! For 09! And plants a comin!

The new cheats are sooooSWEET!♦ and the plants have spread! Here is the only cheat 😦 THAT I CAN FIND! I am looking for more!

Picture 1

And the ♣PLANTS♣ HAve gotten bigger! AHHHHHH! I predict because rockhopper lef the plants that they will overrun clubpenguin and make every ones life miserable! Then the normal penguins will attack all moderators and clubpenguin will become a violent game for awhile! THEN since the mods make the game clubpenguin will cease to exist! Then it will be rediscovered by people later! LOL! I am kidding but i think i will make a movie like that!


~ by lecraeman on June 5, 2009.

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