Can you say… rip-off?

I always like to check on ebay for new, neat-o stuff. Well I found this…


Giant rip off? You can buy close to 3 years membership with that money. Lets look at facts.

1. 3 Years of membership buys A TON OF CP CLOTHES!

2. One code buys 2 things. Not worth it

3. A stuffed animal for 150 bucks? I can go to my local carnival and throw a couple baseballs into a bucket, and win an ape stuffed animal 2 times bigger than me… and I’m 5’9″!

4. Rockhopper stuffed animal… Rare? There is a new post on the cp blog that they’re bringing him back!

Here goes another rip

penguin rip 1

who has this many items

penguin rip 2

Here goes my rant again

1. $115? No-no.

2. 115? 2 years worth of membership right down the drain

3. In an interview with CP, they stated that all rare items will come back… so is he that rare?

4. He barely has ANY items let alone he was never a member.

5. Ironic, he has the first pin and the last pin to come out

6. More irony, Item condition: “new” But I thought he was an old penguin? Hmm…

Now here may be a penguin I would buy. P.s. I checked the bid history, it started out at the asking price of $0.99. 99 cents for this penguin!

Penguin good price 1

penguin good price 2

penguin good price 3

penguin good price 4

penguin good price 5

This penguin was actually a member! The latest bid is about 6 bucks

penguin good price 6

Told ya he started out at 99 cents!

Those are some daily rip-off(s). And one daily good penguin price on Ebay.


~ by Eric E on June 9, 2009.

One Response to “Can you say… rip-off?”

  1. The 3rd ones a shamrock pin in case u didnt know

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