To eric E…

UPDATE AGAIN: Eric can be our trainers site? Even if it isnt click here to go there!

UPDATE: I am working on my own tracker you want one?

Hey bud i watched that video on you about how your life is. IT SHOULDNT BE THAT WAY! If people mock you turn the other cheek… If you feel insignificant, Know that there are still people who care more about you than any thing. If you feel you dont have what it takes to be great, THINK AGAIN! I know how you feel man… Sometimes we just have to trust god. If you get mad about this post please dont. AND YOU DO NOT want to be one of those stuck up rich kids. If you were someone else would i be making this post? WOuld we be doing a cheats site together? Would i even know you? And dont think you have it bad, i am working on a movie because my dad is a missionary i am making about life overseas, But remember buddy you can always find something good about your life, no matter what! I hope you read this whole post. And i hope you will receive christ as your savior, we need to talk. PLEASE don be mad about this post… Just thought i would say what needed to be said… I care about you and your life, And i always will… even when you dont think any one cares… 🙂


~ by lecraeman on June 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “To eric E…”

  1. eric…. or crae.. I downloaded penguin storm 6.1 but what do i do now? what can i do??? i need a little tutorial

  2. Dear 100man,
    I don’t know anything about Penguin Storm as I said in an earlier post. I have never downloaded, used, or tried ever before. Same with all trainers. I hate to say this, but remember, we are not responsible for any banned or damaged penguins. Our website, our penguins, or our posts are not responsible for ANYTHING 🙂 Have a nice day buddy and good luck. You will have to check with Crae about that.

  3. i wasnt doing it right but it is ok now

  4. To 100man,
    Hey dude! I have a whole site about trainers! At CHECK IT OUT!

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