Penguin win the Hockey Stanley Cup!!! The Red Wings and Penguins face off in the stanley cup finals for two times in a row. Red Wings, who won last year, got beat 2-1! They were definetly the underdog! Good job Pittsburgh, Crosby, Fleury, Malking, and all of the others! You did it, you beat the odds! You beat the team that beat you last time in the championship


~ by Eric E on June 13, 2009.


  1. I know Eric! I couldn’t believe it! I wanted Pittsburgh to win, but I thought Detroit was gonna win, because they were 3-0 at home for that series. Man! LETS GO PENS! You have to admit, both teams were evenly matched. Also, I thought it was very funny when Detroit lost, because Marian Hossa joined them to win the Cup. My dad said that you shouldn’t join a hockey team, because you think they’ll win the Cup. You can’t just believe they’ll win the Cup. You can’t tell those things. Hossa is no scout. I knew Hossa made a mistake by signing with Detroit. Sure, he was good and all, but he’s no Malkin or Crosby or Guerin. Osgood’s no Fleury either. However, I thought that beating the Red Wings would be the best, but it feels awful. I hated a team that kept that city alive, while a part of it just died. The reason Detroit is HOCKEYTOWN, is because they focus mainly on hockey there. All the other sports teams in Detroit stink, ESPECIALLY the NFL’s Detroit Lions. So, overall, I wanted the Pens to win, in which they did, and I just wanna say to all the Red Wing fans in Detroit: “There’s always next year.” Besides, they won last year. Mike Babcock can’t hoist the Stanley Cup every year. There’s 29 other teams who wanna win. The odds are 1/30. So… yeah. And I also am happy for Crosby. I know how much he wanted the Cup, since he started hockey. And so begins the CROSBY ERA! 🙂 I also feel happy for Malkin, Guerin, Fleury, and the whole team, especially Miroslav Satan and Philippe Boucher. They are two former Sabres.

    So, congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins, the 2009 Stanley Cup Champions!!!


  2. i hate you. lol

  3. Lol

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