Adventure scavanger hunt helpers!

Ice berg, click the blue wale spout in the far top left corner

cove, click the plant next to the surfboards which will light up. That is the plant thingy

forest, Click the large plant on hte top center by the chat log to get this plant

plaza centre, click the large plant in the top right corner to get the plant discover.

cave/pool, what for a grey fish to come by then click him

snow forts, click the one of the blue flowers in the middle twice to make the discovery

dock, click the turtle shell next to hte rock, it is also next to the water-skiing boards. It will climb up on hte rock then click him again.

beach, click the three little bubbles in the lower right corner, then the jellyfish will pop up thenclick him

then click on the binoculars in the top right and click claim prize, I will save the surprise for you!


~ by Eric E on June 14, 2009.

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