CP, you really got me! + CP needs to wake up!

At card-jitsu! You guys just made this game and you never fixed any glitches! There is still the glitch where you have to wait for your cards for like 5 minutes! Another thing, I know if you want good cards you have to buy them like everything else in CP but I mean really, jees! When I needed a couple fire cards to win, the only cards they gave me were low water cards! Which led to my defeat. I lost 3 our of 3 times! C’MON! I’m much better than that.


And no water party?! You brought the water party igloo music back, you made the aquatic dance floor background, and NO PARTY! Instead, sensei came for like 2 hours *Sarcastically*. How many penguins got the Sensei background? Probably not even a thousand. What do you expect when someone comes for 2 days? Plus, on 4th of July weekend, when people are out of town and spending time with their families shooting off fireworks and fiesting in food? EXTREMELY bad timing on his arrival. You think kids just sit around and play CP when they could be shooting fireworks and blowing stuff up? OF COURSE THEY’RE NOT PLAYING CP!

And you need to begin being kinder to non-members again. Give more items away at a party! And be generious with Rockhopper clothing items instead of just stupid backgrounds! Why do you think so many people (penguins) quit on you guys per day? Maybe if you kept the penguins around, they would eventually buy membership which leads to money and ratings for you guys! But oh-no, we couldn’t just be fair to non members just because they won’t hand us $6 bucks a month.

Membership and CP is fun and all, but membership gets boring after you buy all of the items, plus you need more plays at the stage. Who cares if they’re remakes, just put a different on every 2 weeks again like you were! It gets boring acting Twee and the Grumpunzel over and over and over and over and over and over again. You really need to start getting it together again, and the Music Jam may be a step in the right direction for you guys. Good luck, because I know I will continue to play this game, and I want to play CP! But not if it’s going to sell out like every other game.

Or am I in a bad mood because I didn’t get much sleep?

~ by Eric E on July 6, 2009.

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