Rube and the Ruby cheats+More Ruby and the Ruby cheats

Ruby and the Ruby cheats! You know you wanna get that ruby stone! Oops! Gave the surprise away, but hey, if you didn’t want to give the mystery and secret away, WHY DID YOU COME TO THIS SITE! Lol, I feel random right now, who wouldn’t at midnight?! Anyways lol

Ruby and the ruby cheats

first click the file cabinet, then the trash can lid, then the guestbook (the book with paper in it, DUH!), flower vase, then the painting, and then last but not least, the safe for the red ruby. The red squares in the pic are the clickable thingys in order to get the Ruby for Ms. Ruby. Do you think Jacques will get together with Ruby and fall in love, or do I just have a crazy mind?! LOL!

Oh, and did I mention that this is my favourite CP play! Yep, actually I did mention it, oh silly me. LOL!!!


Click the door handle for the dark detective coat.

ruby and the ruby cheats 2

ruby and the ruby 3

Drag the coin info box thingy for the noir background.

ruby and the ruby

It’s magic! Lol

But the ruby pin is the same as last year… they said they would never bring back a pin… 😕

~ by Eric E on July 10, 2009.

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