Am I famous?

Lol, well one penguin came up to me today and said,”Hey, you’re the detective who helped find my friend las night!” Yes, I met a couple penguins who wanted to track down their friends and I helped find them! I tried to buddy him but he must have logged off or something or got booted off the server. However, he did remember me from last night! And another penguin came up to me and said,”Hey, I know you from a site!” So he may know that I CP blog! Is my famous dream coming a little true? WATCH OUT MIMO777! LOL Just kidding, I will never reach his level!

Also, I buddied a famous penguin and Ojoc’s party! Yep, his name is Sossy, here is a pic. I just heard of him that day, but I also hear he is very famous and one of the best, so here is a link+buddy picture from the other day! The party was like on Saturday or something, and the only way I had made the 1:00 pm party is because I had stayed up all night! Usually, I don’t wake up until 3 or so. I also stayed at the party for about 10 minutes!


Sossy image!

Please remember my CP party!!! Maybe you will meet a famous penguin who is… me. LOL!!!! Sorry, I’m having another random moment!

~ by Eric E on July 13, 2009.

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