Man, people are cruel

Why? What do people have to be mad or mean about? people just today have made fun of me being emo. I made a friend on cp, we spent about 10 minutes together, I told her I was emo, she left right away. Why do people hate on emos? What did we do???

~ by Eric E on July 21, 2009.

30 Responses to “Man, people are cruel”

  1. why are you emo? i mean i dont like it that ur emo, but i like you!

  2. Because I just am emo, I love emo. It is not that I wanna be so much, but my friends just began calling me it one day. It kinda caught on, and so I googled what emo is like, turns out, I really like emo. I have emo friends that are cool to me, just people are haters! Why does everyone have to be a hater?! Life is too short to hate and fight if you ask me. I’m not saying you have to like me, just accept me for who I am, because what you see is what you get… no matter: gothic, emo, scene, punk, regular, or whatever. I just happen to be emo, why can’t anyone accept that? Even my own dad has problems accepting it! What is wrong with todays world? Another thing, why are we regarded as the most pathetic subtype out there?! We didn’t do anything to anybody. But punks can go around burning buildings down, beating on innocent people, while we’re just sitting in our rooms with other emo people talking. But no, we are still regarded as the worst. People Stereotype way to much in this cruel world. It seems to me that this world forgot just one thing: WE’RE ALL JUST PEOPLE TRYING TO SURVIVE! No matter what you are!

    Anyways, hey! I was just going to e-mail you today Crae, I kinda wanna talk to someone. Thanks for commenting man 🙂

  3. Where you chatting, good point, god loves you for whoever you are! But That doesnt mean your going to heavan cause ur emo, no offense!

  4. :/ ? Why would I go to heaven just cause I’m emo?! I never said that. I just said I am who I am, I’m not gonna hid myself from people. If people can’t accept me, it is an insecurity and problem with themselves and not with me. I will go to heaven if I’m good, hell if I’m bad. I hope I go to heaven.

  5. You have to receive christ to go to heavan and honor god and obey the ten commandments!

  6. Yeah, you’re right. But I just haven’t accepted him yet. I don’t know why! But I lean toward the atheist side, I do believe in God somewhat, I’m just scared that when I die there will be nothing. I’m scared that it can be a whole myth about heaven. I’m just really scared about the whole religion concept.

  7. Another thing, I do obey the ten commandments.

  8. What atchully is emo? I dont really know. Because i have barely any friends and nearly every girl at our school has davidphobia ( IM called David)

    Im just not sure because i enjoy company.
    But sometimes I just like being alone#

    Im not sure?

  9. Uhh… Garfield. Being emo doesn’t exactly mean being alone… but most emos like me, are recluse. Recluse meaning that you like to be by yourself all alone in your room. Recluses like to sit in their rooms and houses while listening to their ipods or cd players. It doesn’t sound you are recluse, which some consider being conformative a good thing! I happen not to, but that is my opinion, some people would call me a sad/melancholy person. So, I say you’re not recluse because you like company.

    For Lecraeman and you. Lecraeman, emos can be happy to!

    Are you a very emotional person like me? Like when you get happy do you go crazy, not in a hyper just like, something so miner happens you just cheer up for the day? Or when something so little that is sad happens and you just cry for the next week about it like I do? Then you’re prbably an emo. Hope this helps on whether you determine yourself or other people emo.

    I have never seen you real emotional, I don’t know what your emotional outlook is on real life.

    Note to all people who say emo is bad: Emos can be happy to! Yeah! Emo is short for emotional, and happy is one of the main emotions.

  10. ERIC! WERE ON AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go on klondiek coffe shop now! WERE ON AT THE SAME TIME. Well asuming urs tilll on!

  11. You dont have to feel scared about that eric… I sometimes doubt, but theres so many things that prove he s real!

  12. I just can’t wrap my head around the whole concept that God has always been here, like he has always been here. No one can understand the concept. I tend to lead more to the science side, with the “Big Bang” theory. I really don;t understand religion, I do understand science and all of the periods/eras of time. That is the only reason I lean toward science. It is all very intersting… this whole religion concept.

    What are some things that proven he is real to you? I don’t believe in Him because so much has happened in my life. I’m not saying pity me pity me or anything, I’m just saying so many bad things happen in the World. I mean, shouldn’t God help with the Iraq War, or poverty, or all of the other crazy stuff like gangs and wars? It may be the Devil, but I still believe in none of it.

    Garfield17… sorry dude. I logged off right when you commented! Sorry man 🙂 But I may meet you tonight at midnight?!

  13. WEll, you have a good ppoint.

    1. I have seen god do things in my life when i pray, and ive seen(or rather heard) when my father casts demons out of people.

    2. The devil has no power over you! Or the world, some things just happen. If god let the world be perfect then why would any one try to get to heaven? Because it would be exactly the same as being on earth!

    3. I have bad days and bad things happen to me all the time! But i know its for a purpose! SOmetimes your attitude has to do with it! And if you look at the pangeran(if i spelled that right)theory science does explain god exists, because all the contenints on earth are like a puzzle seperated! And god said the earth had one piece of land, then he said he seperated it with water!

    I want to challenge you(and any one else) to be happy when bad things happen! And when you sin ask for forgienness.

  14. I really agree with you there about praying

    Hmm… never thought of it that way.

    Hehe… funny you say attitude has a lot to do with it. It has EVERYTHING to do with it, you know why? My dad, My grandfather, and I were all talking yesterday about the difference between my grandma and her brother Bill. My grandma is a totally negative person with a capital “N”. Yet, her brother Bill has had every bad thing happen to him in the book but he is still an optimist! I try to be an optimist, but it is so hard! Even my folks said life can be tougher on kids mentally wise now in days, I feel it’s a little true.

    My teachers use to call me stupid for nothing… like in 4th grade, I was a very sensitive, shy kid. She embarrassed me in front of the whole class by calling me slow and said I was mentally challenged because I didn’t pass a test. I cried so hard for the rest of the week, I felt so humiliated. Or the time in 6th grade, my science teacher said I was a worthless loser that would never go anywhere or amount to anything just because I failed a couple of tests. Or how about the time in 7th grade, when my teachers said I should be more like the rest of the other kids and actually try, but I was trying! she new I was trying my hardest and just to be a hateful person, who picks on the shy guy, she embarrassed me.

    See now? This is why I have my doubts about Jesus, why would He let a young guy like me just go through much between my drug addict mom who use to beat me then left me at the age of 3, my hateful teachers who humiliate me, my obsessed depressive grandma who constantly bothers me and guilt’s me into feeling bad if I don’t call her at least 3 times everyday. Why would He do that to me? I feel like He just forgot about me sometimes.

    I guess what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but what if the stuff that doesn’t kill you makes you wanna kill yourself? That is what happened to me! The pressure got so rough I tried to actually slit my wrists back in March. The knife wasn’t sharp enough, and that is the only knife that we had in the silver ware drawer. I know this totally sounds un-true, but it is true. People like me just aren’t seeing the light in living anymore because the pressure is so rough.

    And usually when I sin, I try to apologize then do something good for someone such has holding the door or helping them pick up something… but then again, I usually never get thanked for it. My old Bible teacher once said,”God thanks you for it”. And that maybe true, but how hard is it for just a simple thank you from people? I always said thank you to people who held the door for me. You know, if someone is on their time holding the door for you just so the door won’t slam on you, then maybe you should say thank you to people. But that is my opinion…

    I do like your 3 points though 🙂

    Yes, I do know about Pangaea. And about Europe and Asie (Eurasia) were together, and North America and South America were together, Africa and Australia, and Antarctica seemed to tag along for the mix! And they all formed together on Pangaea. Tricky word, lol. We learned this in about 5th or so grade. But what did God have to do with it? And I’m not being sarcastic, because we learned it was plate movement and plate tectonics. We learned God had nothing to do with Pangaea, but what is your theory? Science and theories are never truly right, but at the same time… no one really knows if God Himself is real. I’m not saying he isn’t real, I’m just using science.

  15. Oh wow, really long comment, Sorry about that dude! I thought it was long but not that long! LOL, You don’t have to read it… 🙂

  16. Eric, you never seemed the suicidal type! When you have a problem talk to me! And as I said before, bad things happen so people will try to get to heavan! And the teacher thing, I wouldn’t know but I’d say that teacher was retarded if she called you slow! My dad was a drug attic when he was young, he started at your age! Everyone said there was no hope for him, but today he is a missionary and lives for Christ! And the pangean theory, it works with god except it took a day for the land and water to seperate! And bud… We need to talk… Soon!

  17. Okay, hey! I’m on also!

    I am the most suicidal person in my family, a therapist examed us all and I came out most suicidal. Plus, I’m the only one who has tried it. I have not tried it since, I have thought about it though.

    One question… will God still let you into heaven if you kill yourself? My parents said that he won’t, you go to Purgatory. But Purgatory, is hell’s waiting room. My family is Catholic though… and so am I. Well, I actually claim agnosticism because I don’t follow any Christian or Catholic ways such as go to Church or read the Bible daily. I pray sometimes, I thank Him(Him being God)for giving me another day on this Earth. I’m somewhat happy the knife wasn’t sharp enough, but sometimes I feel as if it would have been just a little sharper. It actually cut myself, but not enough to be fatal.

    That is awesome about your dad, I believe your story. I head my mom cleaned up and she was banging on our door a few weeks ago after 10 years, but I don’t want anything to do with her of course. My dad said I should lose the hate for her, he has. I just can’t though, usually I’m a loving person, but not towards her.

  18. dont… and no… he wont if you kill urself! there is o waiting rooms…

  19. Oh… then what happens if you do kill yourself?

  20. Straight to haides which is hell!

  21. But I thought the Lord was suppose to have mercy on your soul? Plus, if you really had a hard life, wouldn’t he understand why you did it?

  22. Well… god loves you, but he doesnt force you to love him. Thus if you sin he cant help you. He agreed to the devil that if a person died without becoming a cristian(and repenting) that they will be forever punished, and it deeply greifs him if that happens… but it does happen.

  23. What if you except God as your Saviour but then again nothing is going right for you? I know it said he will guide you, but then again what if it doesn’t seem like he is?

  24. You have to grow, spiritually mentally and pysically. I mean thousands have died for Christ. I mean, look at jesus himself! He was treated wrongly all his life then died by being nailed to a cross after taking a beating no normal human could survive!! He rose again
    though but people don’t…. Talk to
    me if you want to receive Christ!

  25. I honestly don’t know how to. I have tried, I just can’t do it. Something is not right with it.

    I feel like I can’t please anyone in my family, someone is always mad, sad, or angry. Nobody in my family is ever happy. Trust me, if any outsider knew what went on with my family and how sad they were, they would have been suicidal also. You can’t blame me for trying to slit my wrists. My opinion though… some people say suicide is a weak outing, they say only the strong survive. I don’t feel strong anymore, I just feel hurt. I feel finished, wiped out, done, used up, tired, and upset. I feel no-one ever supports me anymore, people just make fun, I just don’t see the point in living in this cruel world anymore sometimes.

  26. Thats the time when you have to live, thats what god wants you to live for, to become stronger in christ!

  27. True.

    “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”
    -Friedrich Nietzsche

    I like Philosophy quite a bit, it is so interesting to apply quotes to troublesome times in your life. Friedrich was indeed right, and so are you. I guess life is all about stepping up to the plate right? Fair enough! You got me 🙂 I totally agree with you Crae.

  28. So do you want to accept christ?

  29. Yeah, I do. But how do I? I’m not trying to be sarcastic or anything…

  30. Hey! Yes! When I get to a computer I will tell you how!

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