Pandanda irony? or Pandanda conspiracy!

I collect a lot of things, newspapers being one of the things I collect. I have just started my collection in hte past month and a half, and I usually buy U.S.A. Today. Anyways I was on Pandanda and I thought I would show you this.


The emblem is an exact copy of the REAL U.S.A. Today newspaper! Ironic coincedence, or conspiracy for plageurism!

usa today

and the emblem of USA today is actually lite blue. I got this from their website. Here is the pandanda newspaper


Hmm… I like it! I like how they’re trying to cordinate real life into a game 🙂


~ by Eric E on August 2, 2009.

One Response to “Pandanda irony? or Pandanda conspiracy!”

  1. Yeah, there is no plagerism there, it’s just to make the game more fun, and life like. I like it. I actually have a blog on pandanda. it’s not running very good. No one actually knows i have a blog. just got over 3,000 hits.

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