To Eric: How to accept christ…

Hey Eric, I soooooooooooo thankful your accepting christ! And not only are you just accepting christ your the first person i have ever lead to christ! To become a christian you must do several things, First you must acknowledge That you have sinned and were born a sinner, Then you must Acknowledge that You know christ died on the cross to forgive your sins, Then you must confess to god you have sinned! TO do all this i have came up with a simple prayer, Just pray these words silently to god or outloud:

Dear Jesus,

I Know that i have sin in my life,

And i know that because your only son died on the cross, that my sins can be forgiven,

I Know and believe that your son died on the cross,

And i want you to forgive me of my sins,

So that the day i die i will enter your kingdom(Heaven)

In jesus name,


Now eric i know this will be hard but you must try to stop your EMO ways, I know your all emo for life but… God doesn’t want you to be Emo, and you cant enter heaven being an emo,no offense, but i know it will be hard, I can be really emotional to, But i dont show, You have to be strong and not show it, especially when it gets tough. And when you have questions about being a Christian, just ask. And if you just have a problem then ask me about it too! Thanks man!


~ by lecraeman on August 4, 2009.

39 Responses to “To Eric: How to accept christ…”

  1. Umm… I hate to kill your spirit, but being emo isn’t exactly being a bad thing. Being emo can mean being happy! Happy is an emotion… Plus, it’s gonna be hard to drop that. One thing, I hate to defy you but can’t God just accept me for who I am? I mean, he accepts murderers, rapists, molesters, serial-killers (same as murderers) can’t he accept me? I didn’t hurt or kill anyone, and if he can accept a rapist than I’m pretty sure he can accept an emotional teen whose life has actually not been that easy beginning when my mother left me when I was 2. I could be a real “Fu manchu” Fu Manchu means being a real hater.

    Umm… I know I sound stubborn, but God accepts everyone else, can’t he accept emotional people? I gotta say, if he didn’t accept me He would be showing great hypocrisy. Hypocrisy means being a hypocrite. Trust me, I have read a lot of the Bible, and he said he will accept everyone who accepts him.

    May I bring up one of the most famed verse in the Bible? I shall:

    “For God so loved the earth, he gave his one and only begotten son, and whoever believes in Him shall recieve eternal life.” Now I think we all know that verse, but I will say it’s John 3:16. Now I don’t have a Bible sitting next to me, but I believe that is pretty close to the real verse. It has been a while yes, but I know that is how it goes.

    God didn’t want rapists either, but he still accepts them. My whole life has consisted of people bashing me for everything. I could give you quite a timeline of troubles in my life, but I would be here all day.

    Thanks though, I’m glad I’m your first person you have lead to Christ. I will practice this prayer every night, I just think God should accept me for who I am. I never denied God or badmouthed Him, maybe He should know that if He doesn’t already.

    P.S. Why do you think I tried to kill myself? Because I don’t show a whole ton of emotion, so I wanted to show what everyone is doing to me mentally. Things have changed, for the good. My dad sees the picture more clearer now, and he’s a better parent to me. I really don’t care about my mom, I actually really hate her. I really don’t care to call her my mom, she’s just another demon walking this earth. But whatever, we all have our hangups. Her hangup is beating little defenseless kids while doing drugs. But I heard she had a couple of kids, doesn’t change the way I feel about her though. I hope she goes to Hell, for everything she has done. Starting by draining my dad and I’s life savings for when I grow up. Good chance the only way I will reach college is if I get a scholar ship.

    I hope she fries in Hell, I hope she feels the flames on her death bed, I hope the devil kills her himself. Evil I know, but very true. That is just how I feel.

    Thanks for the post though πŸ™‚


  3. Eric, God sends all those people to HELL, only if they stop doing what they were doing and repent and live as a cristian are they allowed to go to heaven. You have to stop you emo ways to get to heaven, no offense, and you shouldnt hate your mother, sometimes people have to do somethings wrong to understand what they did, like when she left you, this saying applies:

    You never know what you got to you lose it.

    And god knows everything, I MEAN EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING EVER! I know it will be hard to stop being emo, but you have to trie! Please dude!

  4. Hey Eric Love your new look LoL! Hmm not a water party I think! Keep up the good work!

    wanna comment back at:

  5. Oh, so I had to be the practice baby? I had to be the one she practices on so she realizes the right way? P.S. She never said she was sorry to me, never send a B-day card or a Christmas present or anything. F*** her! That is how I feel. Sorry for the language.

    Yeah, maybe I would know but my mom used to beat me anyways. So when she was around she made my life Hell, and when she was gone she made my life Hell. So how can I not hate her?!

    Crae, if an emo repents, believes in God, reads the Bible, prays, and loves everyone, why cant he go to Heaven? This is where this doesn’t make sense to me. It makes no sense that he wouldn’t let an emo go to Heaven just for wearing black clothing. Emo means being in touch with your emotions. God not letting emos to Heaven absolutely makes no sense to me! You know why? Because we’re just people like you. We just think a little different. This doesn’t make any sense to me that he wouldn’t let an emo go to Heaven. That is like saying a Gothic person not go to heaven. You have no reason why I have to stop being emo dude! So until then, I like emo and I will remain emo… I don’t have a reason yet. Is it because God doesn’t like emo or you don’t like me being emo? Because I understand, but just to put your mind in good standing, I don’t cut anymore! Yeah, so I don’t self harm anymore, I just am kinda sad sometimes and then again I am happy sometimes.

    And just a quick notifier, I’m glad you wanna lead people to God, but you change people who don’t wanna be changed. And I wanna accept Jesus and for you to lead me, but if He needs me not to be emo, I need a reason from Him… because I thought I was his Child and He loved me no matter what. Just be honest with me Crae, is it you who doesn’t like me being emo or Jesus?

  6. eric…… you just wont understand yet…


    Eric, I must tell you a couple of things. The first thing I want to tell you is thank you for accepting Christ and I hope to see you in heaven one day. Another thing I wanted to say is that emo was originally started as rebellion and worshiping other gods. Jesus will accept you for who you are. You say you hate your mom but you really shouldn`t hate anyone. God says not to. You might hate her now but if you keep up with the emo stuff you will end up just like her. Don`t say you won`t. I know some people who are emos and all of them turned into people they once hated. Eric, you tried to kill yourself once not because of emotions, but because the devil had you in his hands. He will still have you in his hands as long as you hate people and and continue to be emo. As I said, it started out in the worship of the devil. And it still is. Christians can control their emotions. I`m not one to talk because I have a very bad temper. But I`m improving every day with the help of Jesus. Just try him for once and put away being emo. I`m sure you will find it better. Thanks.

  8. Well, thanks for saying I will see you in heaven one day! LOL, I hope it’s not soon πŸ˜‰

    Umm… emo wasn’t a rebellion against Gods. You’re completely wrong there. It was an offset of Goth, rock, and punk rock. It was a music genre called “emo-core” characterized by melancholy lyrics along with major changes in guitar riffs throughout the song. Usually goths are the atheists and wiccans. P.S. Just because I am or was an atheist, doesn’t mean I believe in other gods or satan. It means the whole religion concept is what I don’t believe in.

    I even double check emo on wiki, I read the whole page, it is not a satist thing. You’re thinking of something totally different, I don’t know what it is though… Also, you can be goth, emo, punk, rocker, skater, and still love the Lord. Emo is a music genre plus a way of like to keep intune with your emotions. Emo kids are more in tune with their emotions than ANYONE else. Imagine this, do you want to be at a funeral, and you wanna cry so bad but you’re too emotionally numb to cry? No offense, but I will never have that problem. Plus, it wasn’t exactly my choice to be emo. My friends began calling me it because I was acting like it, so I looked it up, saw some pics, read about it and I actually liked it. I like the music, I liked the fashion, I already had the mindset and emotions, and I accepted it. I just became an atheist in the past 4 months, I’m not anymore to your kind words though Crae and 100! The point is, emo is not a cult. emo is a lifestyle created by many different actions. I am an emo, no matter if I wanna be or not… but I do so it actually all worked out.

    By the way, emo originated in the 80’s and sprung into the 90’s and the 21st century. Gothic, however has been around forever, so maybe you’re thinking goths have turned into bad people? Not to badmouth goths.

    Lemme put a scenario, your mother burns you with cigarrettes every day, she does drugs in front of you every day, and then she beats you. When you say,”Momma, please stop!” She laughs and then beats you even harder. She use to hit me in the back of the head close fisted, Use to burn me with hot water, ram my head against the wall. CHILD ABUSE! Then she left me without a sorry or anything. Then she shows up at my doorstep 3 weeks ago on the 4th of JUly, I had a bat in my hand and was actually ready to kill her. But my dad held me back. Wouldn’t you hate her? You can’t tell me you wouldn’t.

    Also, don’t say I’m a bad person for what I think about her or why I’m emo. You all don’t know what I have been through! You can call your mom and her be there smiling at you asking what do you need, you have your mom to comfort you when your sad, I never had that!!! I use to get in fights because my peers would say,”No wonder your mom left you!, you’re a looser!” I never had a mom to pick me up and say,”hey, it’s okay, you’re not a looser, you’re a great kid!” I NEVER HAD THAT! You know what my mom would do? You really wanna know? She would beat me till I would cry! So don’t badmouth me saying I shouldn’t hate her, or I will end up like her because I will never end up like that F-ing bitch! Sorry for my language.

  9. I’m not mad, I’m just saying I never had anything like you guys did when it came to mothers. But I did have a wonderful dad πŸ™‚

    You can’t say I can’t hate her because you never known what I went through every day of my life.

    By the way, I don’t hate people. I just hate my mother and I feel I have a very strong reason. I don’t hate, I don’t wish any bad things on people, I just don’t wish them well if they cross me. The only person I hate is my mom, and I wish her bad things such as going to hell. She will die from Overdose one day anyways so I don’t even know why I am stressing about this whole thing.

  10. By the way, you guys are totally steryotyping emo. Not all of us cut. You are majorly stereotyping which is actually not cool. That is like saying You’re a Jesus freak for believing in Jesus and liking Christian Music such as Lecrae. I don’t say that, maybe you should lay off the badmouthing on emo? Like I said, I’m not mad I’m just saying.

  11. You guys wanna know something? I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to, but you wanna know what I want to do? SKATEBOARD! Seriously guys, instead of fighting with me over the interent let’s all go skating together!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, Crae, I have accepted Christ into my heart. Everytime I would try a trick on my skateboard, I would pray and make the sign of the cross (I’m Catholic.) Crae, you have shown me the light, and I really love you for it. Thanks buddy, I owe everything to you. Even though I’m emo, I can still love Jesus. I have made my peace with God now. I may still dislike my mother, but Jesus was guiding me when I was skating tonight. I could feel him blowing by me, it was really windy out, but it was Jesus that whole time. Whenever I would skate, the wind would kick up and he would be watching me. And it was my 1st time ever skateboarding, and I only feel twice. I know God and Jesus were protecting me tonight. I have accepted him and for that I thank you Crae. You’re a natural at leading people to Jesus.

    Anyways you have to try skating. For all that you have given me Crae, I wanna give something back. You will love skateboarding, even when I fell tonight, I fell doing something I loved. I just know God was protecting me as I was skating tonight, I could feel him on my shoulders. It’s like he was holding my stomach making sure I kept my balance tonight. I hope he accepts me, and for how much he was guiding me tonight, I know He loves me. And I love Him. I think I can still be emotional and him love me, he showed how much He loved me tonight, and for Him loving me, you Crae are the one who guided me to him. I may not be making much sense right now, It’s 2:20 on the west coast. But I wanna thank you for leading me too Him πŸ™‚

  12. I love you guys so much for leading me too Him! You and 100man! I love you guys so much! You all rock so much!

  13. Eric, im glad you accepted Christ! BUT I AM BEGGING YOU PLEASE FORGET BEING EMO!

  14. Fine Mr. Grumpy Gus πŸ˜€ I will try. But I just lvoe emo so much! It’s not like I’m sad anymore, or I self-torture anymore. I’m just a regular guy with a lot of emotions. But I will still wear black clothing, mainly because that is what I spent all my money on XD XD XD And I will keep my hair the emo way, because I like the style. So I will still be emo without cutting and stuff. SO I’m pretty much like you!!! Just a regular guy who believes in Christ!!!!! JUST ACCEPT ME FOR WHO I AM! lol.

  15. 100man: too lazy to log into my acocunt. Anyways. Listening to anything thats not christian (emo) is wrong. The Bible says concentrate on christian music. A good station to listen to is way fm. go to it has awesome music. just try it. no im not mad at you eric. its just that the whole emo thing is stupid. skateboarding isnt worng. heck no. and catholics are wrong too. no offence. but try a penecostal church. they are the ones who teach the king james version of the bible. the right version. but thanks for trying not to be emo.

  16. Wow, you know I had the same experience with someone like you 100? Yeah, the last person who said those things to me tied me down with a rope and started speaking tongues! Okay buddy, whatever man. Christian music sucks, sorry I think it’s stupid. Christian rap? C’MON! Whatever. I never said the whole Jesus concept was wrong. I almost feel insulted, but whatever. I can listen to whatever I want. I listen to Metallica, Hawthorne Heights, Linkin Park, Lady GaGa, it’s a thing called real music that’s made by real musicians. You should try it boss. Alot of people will disagree with you 100. Plus, anything that is Christian is wrong? Dude, you won’t live until you’re like 12 because you’re going to get bullied every day. If I never fist fought in my life, I would be blind in both eyes from so many punches.

    P.s. I never tried not being emo bro. I am who I am and I like me, and maybe you all should accept that or just not talk to me anymore. You know another reason why I tried slitting my wrists until the whole Garden was filled with red? Because everyone tries to change me! Did I ever say it was wrong to be yourselves Crae or 100? Did I ever say you were wrong for being yourselves? Because that is what you’re saying to me. Call me a smartass, know-it-all, emo or whatever. But I do know one thing you all don’t know! And I know me! I know what I like and I don’t like Christian Music, I am a Catholic which you totally insulted me by saying I’m wrong, I’m emo which you totally insulted me again, and I am who I am. If I am an atheist, I’m an atheist! If I believe in God, I believe! But it’s my choice to do whatever, so stay out of it!!! You are beginning to really piss me off saying I’m wrong and you’re perfect, lemme tell you something! The world is not perfect, you’re not perfect and you never will be. I may be going to hell one day, but at least i never badmouthed you guys like you have me in the past few days. I would rather go to hell and burn than be a hypocrite by saying i was wrong for what I believed in.

    You all need to backoff a little bit! Quit trying to change me damn it! Honestly, I’m getting pretty tired of this. If there was a God wouldn’t He have shown me Himself? I wouldn’t have to take this worthless propaganda from you guys about being emo is wrong and whatever the hell else you said. If you all don’t wanna be friends, whatever because I gotta a whole group of people who like and accept me so I really don’t need your approval. I don’t need anyones approval for that!

    And about the whole no offense thing… I am offended so it must have came out wrong. God stated never to be a hypocrite and that is exactly what you’re being! Whatever dude, spare me.

  17. P.S. dude, pretty much everything in the world is not Christian. You think Baseball is Christian? NO! But it’s not bad. Dude, get a life. I don’t even know why I am talking to you guys, I could be out boarding making friends who actually like me for who I am.

  18. You wanna know how I feel? Not accepted by anyone. I wish someone would accept me even though I’m emo. And if I’m so bad, why is everyone trying to stop me from committing suicide?

  19. Because its wrong eric, and i dont wanna see yu hurt or worse in…the place… 😦

  20. What is the place? Is it Hell? o_o I’m kinda confused but anyway…

    I like being emo. It’s just who I am, God and the rest of the world is just going to have to accept that. I never bossed anyone else around, people always said I was a nice guy. Even when I was emo… I don’t understand why it’s so bad to be emo. It’s not like I’m a career criminal or anything, I just love emo.

    Here is the list of things I do, some are emo:
    -Wear black clothing
    -wear relaxed Blue jeans or boardshoarts
    -Wear Converse shoes (Chuck Taylors) Which btw are the best shoe ever made
    -Comb my hair the emo way (which everyone I know thinks my hair is cool)
    -I am very in touch with my emotions, so when I’m at a party I’m always having the time of my life, but when I’m sad, I let my self feel the pain. Which is actually a good thing according to recent studies, because if you let yourself feel sadness, it will make yourself a lot more happier when you are happy. Never just cover up your emotions, if you have something to say say it!
    – Listen to emo music which is the best kind (Linkin Park, Hawthorne Heights, Green day…)
    -Skateboard (lotta emos do)
    – I get a long with everyone (Emos are naturally nice people)
    -Play instruments (every emo plays an instrument)
    – I like art (A lot of emos like it also)
    – I don’t cut myself anymore! Yay!!! πŸ™‚ High five guys!
    -I write a lot of poetry (Emos love ❀ poetry)

    Pretty much everything on that list is emo. there is nothing bad on that list though! I'm a good little emo fella! lol, anyways I don't see the harm in being emo. I just am, it's natural for me to be emo. Some people are emo, some people aren't. I just happen to be. Some people are rockers, some aren't. Some people are gothic, some aren't. We're all just people, so let's forget the labels and stereotypes! And let's all get along for once.

  21. You have to listen Eric. I really dont want to offend you but I DO NOT want you to go to —-. There is nothing wrong with the emo way except for all the black and the emo music. I`m not saying you have to listen to Christian music but please try. Go on youtube and search Hero by Skillet. Go to They have awesome music. But atleast try dude. As I said I DO NOT want you to end up going THERE. Please Eric. If you dont want to change your music or look then just read The Bible every day. Just open it up and randomly read ANY page in it or atleast a chapter or a verse or 2. And also pray every night from the sincerity of your heart.

  22. What the heck is this place?!?!?!?! Can someone please tell me? You guys are driving me crazy with “the place!” Ergh! If it is hell then just say so. Lol, anyways black is just a color… and emo music is counted as Alternative. So Green Day is wrong? Well, sorry man, but I can’t change what I listen to. I would be torturing myself, I listen to music and I love emocore. I can’t torture myself over it. I will try to listen to christian music, but I will still wear all black and listen to emo music. It’s just what I like! I used to read the Bible everyday, I do quite a bit actually. I will take your notes πŸ™‚ But I like hte all black color style, and plus I already spent all my money on it :/ I do pray a lot πŸ™‚

    anyways, I’m glad we got things sorted out πŸ™‚ I still wanna be emo though… thanks though πŸ™‚

  23. the place is hell. thanks dude for trying to listen to christian. i know you wont regret it. and btw look at the my team page on my site. i put info about you and my other team on it. what state do you live in?

  24. I knew it! No problem, I will try it tomorrow. Ugh, I’m so sad right now I just cut for the first time in months. It’s okay, I won’t start again πŸ™‚

    Okay, I added myself as a Nevada person. πŸ™‚ Thought I would do that for you πŸ™‚

    I live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  25. Hey Eric E! I didn’t know you became a Christian! I’m glad to hear it! I’m a Christian too! But by the way, to Lecrae and 100man, being a Christian doesn’t mean that you can’t listen to non-Christian music, (I too disagree with Christian rap, and I don’t like most new Christian songs, I like hymns most) of course you can still listen to other music. Though you do want to listen closely to the words of your songs, make sure that they aren’t about bad things (drugs, alcohol, etc.). Songs like that are the kind that lure you into the devil’s grip, and depress you. I do agree on the fact that you should stop being emo, (or at least calling yourself “emo”). Besides, just because you like art, doesn’t mean you’re emo. And may I mention one last thing. Just because you pray, go to church, and read the Bible every day doesn’t mean that you are a Christian, as some people believe. You have to truly believe that Christ died for you on the cross, and that if you believe in him, and confess your sins, you will have everlasting life in Him. Just expelling the rumor.

  26. i agree with everything sunrise said. sunrise is congregational. i do listen to music thats not christian sometimes. not about bad stuff though.

  27. Yeah, I like rap music sometimes though =) Mostly Emocore

  28. i joined pandanda

  29. my name is 1man and im goin to be a moderator soon πŸ˜€

  30. Yeah, it’s a fun game. I use to play it quite a bit, but I seemed to slow down and I started playing CP avidly again. My name is Eric4280 on Pandanda if you ever see me. I am a beta tester, I have the beta hat and the beta T-shirt.

  31. get on cedar every day and i might see you

  32. YES! SSUNRISE! THANKS FOR CLEARING THAT UP!!!! I dont always listen to cristian music i listen to coldplay and creed!

  33. Oh I love Coldplay! But Linkin Park is wayyyyyyy better.

  34. ehhh… i dont know

  35. Listen to this the two biggest bands in the world are in order as follows.

    1. Wiggles(yes those annoying lil stuipid idiots)

    2. Coldplay

  36. Linkin Park is wayyyyyyy better in my opinion, plus, they’re music isn’t something I wanna commit suicide to. Like Coldplay’s music is.

    Wiggles? “Fruit salad, yummy yummy, fruit salad, yummy yummu, fruit salad, yummy yummy, yummy yummy yummy fruit salad! Let’s make a fruit salad today, uhuhu!” OH WOW, yeah, that’s real music. Sheesh, between Miley and the JoBros. People need to start listening to real music!

    Coldplay isn’t that bad though.

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