~ by lecraeman on August 6, 2009.


  1. Is your real name Edward? My real name is Eric 🙂 Probably knew that by know 😀

  2. huh? Edward? Uh…no, my real name is kenneth but i try to use lecraeman online…

  3. Oh kewl. My bad! lol, only reason I ask is cause when I copied hte link in Google, it came up like Hedgehog or something and it said Edward is 16 or something. Lol. Confusion. Hard to explain, I will try again later.

  4. huh… weird, i didnt put my real name as edward but i did put my age as older

  5. Update: My blog is http://hifriendz.wordpress.com/

    Heyy fellow penguin!!!! : ) Its Ayushbest1 and I am just coming here to see how your site has been! WOW your hits are doing amazing and also I love your changes done to the site! I am very surprised …. Your doing very well and I would like you to come to my site to see what I have been up to!


  6. I hate it when people do this!

  7. It’s okay. I have an advertising page, so obviously I don’t mind it though. People get to know your name and become “famous” by being cool, and letting people advertise. I commented back saying,”Hey, thanks for checking out the site!”

    I think it’s okay, People can do it. As long as it brings hits, and comments it’s okay to comment. I allow spam comments even!

  8. HEY ERIC ITS ME MUDDY I JUST WANTED TO SAY HI!! i got my own site!!!
    I still cant beleive u have around 7,000 blog stats!I started mine yestarday and i got 182 veiws i hope thats good!! My site is http://muddyduckyskilodge.wordpress.com Plz come visit it and tell me how it looks!!
    Your Best Buddy,
    Muddyducky 🙂

  9. Well ric i almost hit 300 lol

  10. Eric its ok but go look at the party page for our 200 hit, wait 3
    00!?!?!?! hits lol well i guess we have a change in plans but like i said check out the party page!!! P.s The I am Legend CLue is 5:20

  11. Hey Eric im just having my 200/300 hits party, and if you could post it that would be GREAT.Everyone is invited!!
    Date: Today
    Time: 5:20 PST(Penguin Standard Time)
    Place: Muddyducky’s igloo on map
    Server: Snow cap
    Hope to see ya then
    – Muddyducky!!

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