Screen hog on festial of flight

Hi everyone! Screenhog here!

Penguins may not be able to fly, but that doesn’t mean that Club Penguin can’t! In a few days, for the first time ever, Club Penguin will be an island in the sky.

When we first thought of the idea of putting Club Penguin in the sky, we loved it, but then we started asking ourselves some questions. What happens to the Beach or the coastline of the Cove? Can penguins still play Hydro-Hopper? And what does a device powerful enough to lift an entire island even look like, and where would we put it?

For the full answer you’ll have to wait until the party, but I can show you this behind-the-scenes concept art from when we were trying to answer all these questions ourselves:

Pretty neat, huh? Have fun at the party!

-Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Screenhog on August 12 2009 11:10 | Comments (62)


~ by Eric E on August 12, 2009.

8 Responses to “Screen hog on festial of flight”

  1. Eric muddyducky here!!!! I just made a site Well ill see ya Around!!!

    -Muddyducky 😛

  2. Heya!!! Good to talk to you again! How did the vacation go over in Michigan? Also, haven’t seen you on CP in like forever bro! Anyways, I can’t reach your site. Please view back on my site to view this comment. (crosses fingers) Anyways, if you give me a link, make sure you put 😉 Just for future reference. So what’s up?!!!

  3. ello

  4. yeh right.. great post, Thank You

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  6. Sorry for my bad english. Intresting title. It attracted me to read the complete post. Thanks

  7. Same considerate dispatch but there are some point where I last wishes as not agree. But comprehensive its altogether good.

  8. Great headline. If your cookie has a bite-sized action and your reader completes the action, I think two things happen. Their self-confidence goes up (which feels good) and their trust in you increases.

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