Somebody banned Eric E! I just talked to CP if they could unaban my penguin! Somebody hacked me! Now I have 3 bans instead of 2 😦 Comment below whether you believe me or not. Here is an exact email to CP I sent

Hello CP, today, 8 hours ago, someone must have hacked my penguin and banned it for swearing. But I assure you CP, it wasn’t me! Twice before I have been banned for swearing on Club Penguin, and that was indeed my fault. But I was ban free for a year! Since July 28, 2008. I know the ban limit is 5 before you’re banned forever, and I never would use any hacking device for my penguin. I changed my penguins password again, so this won’t happen again.

Can I ask you for one favor though, can you please just take the ban of my penguin and make it 2 bans instead of 3 bans? I promise you it wasn’t me! Why would I swer on Club penguin? I love going on you guys website! I actually had a party planned for my penguin today with some friends, and now I can’t go! I’m sad about that, but just please trust me that it wasn’t me. Oh please just take the ban off. I would extremely appreciate it, and I swear I will never get banned again. I promise you, it was not me who cussed today.

I have been hacked before actually, many times. I have changed my password multiple times, but now I have changed it to something no one will ever figure out. Oh please just take 1 ban off, I’m begging you! Please, I love my penguin way to much to see it banned forever. Please just take 1 ban off and make it just 2 history bans. I would appreciate it sooo much if you did that for me, you have no idea how much I would appreciate it. Oh please just take 1 ban off. Please please please!!! Thank you if you can do it, but I understand if you don’t believe me 😦 I hope you do, if you believed me you would believe the truth that it wasn’t me. I will just tell my friends I can’t come to my special party, they will understand. But all my friends know I don’t cuss at all, I find swearing terrible. I did swear on CP twice last year, but I was stupid those days, and probably mad. I was not stupid today, this is actually the first time I have gone on teh computer in like two days!

Just please believe me!!! Just take one ban off my list! I would extremely appreciate it! I am a paying member every month, my goal is to get every clothing item in cp and to become a level 5 member one day! The highest you can go! So far I am on Level two, but maybe one day I can get to 5. Please, you gotta believe me, why would I do that to my penguin? I love my penguin wayyyyyyyyyy to much to ban it! Please just make it two bans instead of 3! Please!!! I would totally appreciate it! I have no plans on quitting CP, and I am a paying member on CP on two penguins (Eric4280, Eric E). Please just unban my penguin! Thank you if you can.

Here is the second email to CP.

If I forgot to tell you the penguin name, it’s Eric E.

Please just unban me, please please please! Thanks CP 🙂

Do you believe me? I am not lying, someone had my password I think.


~ by Eric E on August 22, 2009.

9 Responses to “I CAN’T COME! I CAN’T COME!”

  1. Eric i will hunt DOWN that penguin cause i KNOW you didnt do it!

  2. I know you couldn’t possibly hack your penguin (lol). This gives me an idea. Eric E, I don’t know what happened, but I WILL FIND THAT PENGUIN! What’s your friend’s penguin’s name exactly?

  3. Leave your answer on TNS Productions.

  4. I did comment back 🙂

  5. Ok, stay online. I’ll be back.

  6. Got it.

  7. Dude meet me on the TNS chat.

  8. Im on

  9. Hey ric i think i know who it is!

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