More ban updates!

More emailing going on now.

Here is their email:


Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  We are not able to remove bans from
your account, but we will certainly take this into consideration in the future.
As long as you keep your password a secret from everyone, your account should
remain secure.  Just remember to never save your password on any computers
outside your home.  

Dive into a new Underwater Adventure at the Stage, it is sure to be a 'splash'!
Don't forget to hold your breath for this claw-inspiring Play!  If you have any
further questions or difficulties please don't hesitate to let us know.   

Good Luck, 

Braden W
Club Penguin Support  

Here is my email reply back to them.

Hello again,

Thanks for the E-mail and your time, But I do have a few things on my side about this hacking incident. I have an outstanding record with Club Penguin, and I would never do anything to harm or disrespect Club Penguin, I have been an honorable member of Club Penguin for almost 2 years. I have payed my monthly dues and payments on both penguins on time, I have 16 penguins actually. I would never do anything to disgrace this website, this is a hobby for me, one of my most important ones. I have a website dedicated to Club Penguin, that is how much I enjoy this.

I do have an ex-friend who is extremely spiteful, and he knew my password and possibly tried to sabotage me. He also checks my Club Penguin website, so he knew I was having a special club penguin party (Why would I ban my penguin before my party and try to sabotage myself?) If further proof, you can check the IP address and see it was not me, not to mention I wasn’t even on the computer at 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. I do not even know what was said. This friend, or shall I say Ex Friend of mine is very spiteful, we are not friends anymore because of his jealous and spiteful ways. He knew I was having a party, so to sabotage me he made sure I could not attend my own party. I have changed my password in the past, but I had to change my pass back to the original password because my last one was way to hard to remember. Also, my penguin on remember me are the lobster clothes with the red color, although Usually I wear the color black.

If my clothes are changed, isn’t that a dead give away? Anyways, I’m glad to bring this to your attention.

Thanks for the reminder of the new play đŸ™‚
Listen peeps, I’m trying to get signatures on my site. So far, I have one sig. And that is my really good friend Muddyducky. I believe I know who it is. I would make a poll, but signatures are better in this situation. Comment below if you believe me or if you think I did it, which I didn’t do it. Here is my clothes on remember me, if my clothes are changed, it’s a dead give away.

Eric E proof


~ by Eric E on August 23, 2009.

5 Responses to “More ban updates!”

  1. you rock

  2. Hey dude! I totally believe you! Count Fab Baby, Double Mvp, Mwmef, and Waddleman26 in!!

  3. Thanks guys! You guys rock also! Thanks for backing me! We’re gonne prove something to CP!

  4. Your install rates:
    Italy: 0,20
    Spain: 0,20
    France: 0,60
    Germany: 0,80
    UK: 0,80
    CH: 0,20
    US: 1,00
    CA: 0,80
    NL: 0,60


  5. Hey guys. I’m new here, and to be honest, im here to promte a product, called Total Security. It’s the new generation of Anti-Virus scanners.

    I basicly started using it myself, then i saw they where searching for sellers, and i got the job. So i thought i could sign up here, and see if anyone is interested.

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    – Kevin M.

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