More ban updates+#1 suspect so far

I am now unbanned by the way.

Hello, I recieved another email from CP yesterday, here it is.

Hi there, 

Thanks for providing us with further details.  

We are thrilled to see that you are enjoying 
Club Penguin and have been such an
outstanding penguin citizen. 
Be sure to change your password immediately to
ensure that your penguin account 
remains secure and does not get banned again in
the future.  

I would like to assure you that 
it is not possible for someone to 'hack' into a
penguin account that doesn't belong to them; 
we have many security features in
place to prevent this from happening.  
Passwords in Club Penguin are protected
by 128-bit encryption, which is the same 
type of security that banks use.  This
type of security makes it literally 
impossible for anyone to decipher a penguin
password; it would take years for this to be 
done and it would not be worthwhile
for anyone interested in accessing a 
penguin account. 

The only possible way that a penguin 
account can be accessed is with the exact
account password that is attached to the 
penguin. The following are the only
ways that someone could access a penguin 

1. If the password is shared with someone.
2. If the 'Remember Me' and/or 
'Remember my Password' option is selected on a
public or shared computer.
3. If the password is simply too easy to figure out. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, 
feel free to send us another email.
We are always happy to hear from you. 

Have a waddle-ful day! 

Ryan M
Club Penguin Support  

Ever here of CP trainer? It's a hacking device to 
hack into other accounts! Yeah, you can hack!

There is a suspect. He is a wanted penguin on this site! 
His name is Cooldude 618, yes, my old friend
who got me back into CP. But he is now an enemy of mine because he banned me, 
dressed me like a girl,
Drained my coins, 
changed my igloo into a downgrade!
I did something to his penguin though...
I'm not saying what I did though 
until I find out who is the real suspect
Muddyducky may have a suspect, but he hasn't 
responded yet.

Cooldude 618 is my main suspect so far. Who is Muddyducky's suspect?


~ by Eric E on August 23, 2009.

6 Responses to “More ban updates+#1 suspect so far”

  1. Well lets see we have a COUPLE suspects! Here they are! Well i have been looking through my buddies and i pulled up you, and it was dressed like a girl. They have been watching YOUR site. So she most likley is a hacker. Im not sure who it is but just watch out Eric. Everyone on this site watch out! Including me. So we have to watch out because the Hacker is proalby reading this comment right now

  2. You’re ok muddy, I can hold every comment ever made on this site in moderation!

  3. Hey Eric! your penguin is now unbanned? That rocks!

  4. Well guys school is starting for me tommorow! So we are going to have a last day of summer party, me and Tonks turned 800 days old on Club Penguin, and we hit 1,100 hits We are party freaks! So here are the details……
    Server: Sleet(If full go to Slushy)
    Time: 8:00 PST (Penguin Standard Time)
    Place: Muddyducky’s Igloo on map!
    Oh ya almost forgot and we are partying for Eric E, his penguin got Unbanned!

  5. Hey eric when you cahgne your pass put a number or ! in the middle it makes it so much more secure but since im saying this dont let it throught you could do this symbl one time


    the random ones when you presss shift and number. also for your black market party could you make it so UK people to come. im 8 hrs ahead of PST so i dont know about you.

    We really need to meet!

  6. Yeah, I need to work back up the coins to buy it and re-set it up again. I will try to schedule it at 2:00 pm or so 🙂

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