Wow! Things have changed…

Hey Crae, it’s Eric! Sup? Anyways, I created a smackjeeves comic site! I LOVE to write comics! It’s one of my favorite things to do! Anyways, find me at “xxiamadarkemoxx” on smackjeeves! See ya then buddy!

Hey guys it me lecraeman! How long has it been? Well ive started making comics but i kinda…this is gonna dissapoint you eric… quit cp 😦 sory! I am working on comics! Like and thanks for ur post eric! I hope you will sign up at and start commenting!


~ by lecraeman on August 27, 2009.

6 Responses to “Wow! Things have changed…”

  1. Oh wow. It’s okay you quit CP, I may quit also soon. If you have been keeping up, my old ex friend banned me for my 3rd ban! And CP didn’t do anything about it 😦 Anyways, I will sign up right now!

  2. Oh ya what site did ya go on to make your banner?? Is there a speacial site to go on?//

  3. It’s a special site for banner making…

  4. whats it called i need a link? I do mostly sonic comics sprites and stuff!

  5. Ok what are tags and hpw do ya put them on. I know where to put the tags but what do I type in?

  6. One other question, HOw do I make my own tags? Where do I put the Tags?

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