Widgets for Muddyducky :)

Pictures should explain it all.

1. type in WordPress in google, crawler, or whatever search engine you use.

2. go to your own site

3. when your in your dashboard, scroll down until you see widgets in the Apperance catagory.

4. click on widgets

5. scroll down until you see the “text” option. It will state you can put HTML or Arbitrary text in this box and it will appear on your site. That is how I got all of the “Go to Club Penguin” links.

6. Put the banner code in the box and name the box whatever you want Example: Muddyducky’s banner

7. Save the widget code.

8. Return to your site to see if it worked.

9. If it did, you did right. If it didn’t, you didn’t do right.

Here is the pics

widgets for muddyducky 1

youtube for muddyducky 2

widgets for muddyducky 3

There you go! Now go and make me proud Muddy!!! 🙂

~Eric E


~ by Eric E on September 1, 2009.

One Response to “Widgets for Muddyducky :)”

  1. Ya eric i did that but i wont it to be my header!

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