Thinking of a party.

Let’s face it, we’re creeping up on 8,000 hits!!! I have been in this business for about a year now, and we are 119 hits away from 8,000. I am thinking of the black market igloo party 😉

~ by Eric E on September 8, 2009.

9 Responses to “Thinking of a party.”

  1. Eric my video wont upload!

  2. I would come!!

    (~Double Mvp~)

  3. Ric i did the nine eleven vid with music but it said it was copyright! How do i put GOOOD music on my vids?

  4. Hey Ric want to be in the movie, i really need ppl!!

  5. Just a test lol

  6. DUDE! I was just walking around cp and I met sabres

  7. Awesome site! Also check out mine:

    Comment if you like it!


  8. Сайт отличный. Надо бы Вам награду вручить за него или орден почета. =)

  9. Awesome!

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