Contest week coming soon… + Update + living the fantasy CP!

Hey guys, I am going to do some contests for some penguins here pretty soon 😉

Also! New pin at book room, I just read it on Lux1200’s site! (Thanks Lux1200 for posting it) and there are four new songs out on the playlist!

Also, fantasy club penguin, what if CP played real music like Planet Cazmo does? What would be your artist that you would want on the list? Mine would probably be Lady GaGa, just for the reason that she is an AWESOME singer and a great techno syntheseizer. It was cool seeing her sing in concert at the MTV music awards.

~ by Eric E on September 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Contest week coming soon… + Update + living the fantasy CP!”

  1. Here are details: Two friends start at collage and its pick ya job week. They both have phones in there job so they can call each other. But yet after just a couple calls someone else starts calling them. Soon the friend starts looking for his firends………..

  2. lol! I would want the song “Living on a Prayer” by bon Jovi! XD

    (~Double Mvp~)

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