I dont wanna forget…

Lately i had these really weird feelings that i would like to talk about how my life has been lived… There for i would like to start a Real life blog and eric i want you to be a part of it! You dont have to put pics but could you start a blog and make a nice banner? Just dont include cp stuff cause this is about us!

~ by lecraeman on September 29, 2009.

12 Responses to “I dont wanna forget…”

  1. Okay. I will help, here is my wordpress email : xxiamadarkemoxx@aol.com

    I would love to talk…

  2. Well Ric I guess the video will be your final but yet best stand of cp 🙄

  3. 😡 What do you mean by that?!?!

  4. Im making a cp horror movie. That will most likley be his last stand

  5. 😦

  6. WHAT? WHy do you say that?

  7. I might quit CP.

  8. Ummmm….. I will have to make a vid with you before you quit cp. Lol It`s been almost a yar since we first spoke to each other. Sunrise moon and most of the other original group have quit Club Penguin. But I will tell you this… I am not going to quit until I have a heart attack and die. So don`t count on ever seeing me leave. And btw you have always been a good friend to me.


  9. visit http://www.clubpenguincheatzrule.wordpress.com for free membership,toy codes, cheats and much much MORE!!!!!!!

  10. by the way dude if you go to my site you can listen to NEW DIVIDE in my play list Linkin Park Forever!!


  12. o.O kk…ur quitting?

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