A dedication to all my CP friends who quit.

Sometimes, when I think about you guys, I get teary eyed a little bit. Even though I never knew you, you were great friends to me. It makes me sad everytime I think about you guys, because I know I will never talk to you again. Some were great friends, who conforted me when I was upset or depressed, some were there for the fun moments, some I have known since I was just a noob in CP, but either way, every friend I have had on my buddy list has been truly meaningful and great to me. I wanna blog about some…

Pinkhead9990= I will never forget the last day we talked, when I went on CP the next day and you weren’t on my buddy list, I literally felt like crying. I knew I would never see you again, and you were always someone to talk to. You were on my buddy list for about a year, but the impact you had on my CP days was amazing. It has been over a year since that moment and everytime I go on CP, I think of you and how you were one of my great friends. If you’re reading this post, please know that you were one of my best CP friends ever.

Vampgirl142= We had some great times, you were a funny person all around, and a kind hearted penguin. I always remember how you use to joke about stealing my purple puffle, I know that you never got one either, because right when the treasure books came out you quit. Please know, If I could, I would have bought you a purple puffle just because you were one of my best friends. I miss you so much.

Beauty1121= You were probably the best person and penguin around, it was like an earthquake hit my heart when I found out you quit. You rarely go on anymore, and I never see you. I remember the days when all of us would go on together and have a blast and throw parties. I wish I could relive those moments, I never knew how precious they were at that moment. Thinking about the old days makes me extremely sad, and just knowing I will never be able to talk to you again makes me cry. I wish I knew you in real life, because I know you were a great person.

Rosie6297= You are Beauty1121’s cousin, and I can definitely tell. Like Beauty, you have the kindest heart around, I remember talking to you and beauty and just how you guys could cheer me up in an instant if I was sad. I just want to go back a year in time to when you were still playing CP just so I could see you guys and value those great moments us all spent. I wish you knew about our blog so we could talk, but sadly you don’t. If I could have one CP wish, I just wish I could see you guys just one more time, so I could just tell you how much I miss you guys.

Dmj116=You were just a great person, I remember talking to you for hours, becoming extremely sad when you had to leave. I talked to you pretty much every day, and one day we just stopped. You quit cp, but you live on through my memories. I miss talking to you… so much. You were a great friend.

Intohockey= I remember talking about hockey with you, and how you got so excited about it. We were like hockey buddys, you were the coolest peng to talk to when it came to hockey.

I miss you all so much, you were like family to me. I will never see you guys again, and that alone makes me depressed. Soon, I will quit also. I understand why you all quit, I just wish I could know you in another way. Some way where we could talk. I wish you all knew about this blog, but sadly you don’t. I am gonna quit soon also…

I will see you never…

~ by Eric E on October 14, 2009.

6 Responses to “A dedication to all my CP friends who quit.”

  1. Why does everyone have to quit. I swear I will never quit. Everyone else does. But listen if you quit you give in. Eventually this blog could have millions of hits. Im trying ways but still TRY

  2. Awww cmon Eric! Why do you always have to quit when I finally meet you and sabres. Please don`t quit or I will be the way you just felt. And btw Eric get on my blog every day or email me at Email Address deleted upon “100man’s” wish When you read this comment delete the email adress.

    Eric E= Wish granted about the email thing. BTW, I am not quitting before Halloween, after that, it’s anybody’s guess on what I will do. I will email you though… you know, keep in touch šŸ™‚

  3. Ric you CANT quit! Everyone who has go on on this site never talks trash! This is a simply GENIUS site! I went on the other day remembering when i would pray to god that i would see you on cp. But it never worked. Until one day i was walking around Club Penguin and someone said Eric’s Cp Cheats. It was a miracle. You have made me a better person in blogging. Remember when we first met on the Migrator! I was sitting around all day, until you came. After that day EVERYTHING changed. Ric whoever YOU help, my god bless them! Bless you! If you are EVER sad, just comment on my site. One you comment i will be on in a Heartbeat ric! I hope that is enough to persuade you to not quit.
    Until Then,
    Waddle On,

  4. Dedicated To Eric E…..

    My Buddy Eric

    I just recovered a video on youtube with him in it. Its been a really long time. We used to have fun always šŸ™‚ He made me laugh, blog, smile. It wasnt the funnest day on Club Penguin when i met this him. The Migrator had just docked on Club Penguin. I was bored to death, oh yes i was. A couple of friends were on, some were my best friends like LouLou123456.We were hanging out in Rockhopper’s Headquarters, when he came in. I didnt notice him until he frowned when no one came to play with him. I waddled toward him. This was when i was a pretty young little penguin, most lilkley 511. After a couple hours of playing with him, he got bored and left. While i managed to pull up his player card. I sent him a card to meet me at the pool. And of course he came. He had to leave 2 minutes into our conversation so i had held for about 1 minute to add him. I had to make a decision him or LouLou123456. I picked him. Best choice of my life it was!

    Chapter 2: A Hockey Season, and Website

    In the summer me and him made up a Hockey Team, I think his was the Las Vegas sick sticks. I had one All-Star on my team, Blue. He was the greatest little penguin alive besides “Ric” šŸ™‚ Oh… I remember when we made up some Nick-Names for Eric. One was Ric, Air Ric, and the other one was weird I forget it. That was the last season he ever saw in his Club Penguin History. Cause the Ice Rink never came back.
    One day he came on introducing me to a NEW chat,” Penguin Football” He told me he had his own site, which is now a distant memory. A couple 30 days after that I got my own site which is now going to one of the most successful Club Penguin blogs today followed by Pang11397, 100man, Camera1997, and Double Mvp. I bet Ric would have been the 1st in a long shot……. šŸ˜¦

    Please Dont Quit

  5. And Ric By the way Rosie Or Beauty didnt quit, i saw them yesterday. Now do you want to quit

  6. Hey eric could advertise a comment contest at :

    You can enter ttoo. If this goes right il hold more.

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