New gravatar!!! + COntest at Garfield10’s site!

Hey guys, I am uploading my new avatar, and it’s a picture of myself! Seriously, that is me. Anyways, there is a contest at garfields site! Check it! It’s for some new penguins, which always come in handy!

Also, I am pretty much done with CP, so I will be hosting some contests for some pengys myself! Don’t worry, I will still use this blog for a life blog along side Lecraeman if he wants to!

Also, my facebook account! Just search Eric England Jr. or and you should be there! Buddy me, my old account got deleted so I had to make a new one! Follow me please!

This will not be my last post by the way, I am really excited to be posting again!

~Eric E.

~ by Eric E on October 21, 2009.

9 Responses to “New gravatar!!! + COntest at Garfield10’s site!”

  1. Hey eric. I cant find results so heres my page on facebook :

    Dont be fooled by the picture. It was taken when i was 6

  2. I can’t find your Facebook account Eric.

  3. Leave a link on a post on TNS and TNS2.

  4. 😦 i tried

  5. Nice knowing u

  6. Ric I need one more question from u. Im going to start to use Adobe Photoshop CS3 do u use that? If so how is it? How much does it cost.

  7. search Zero by Hawk Nelson and then reply and tell what you thought about it. PLEASE DON`T QUIT!!!!

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