Yankees win. :( (Yes, I know this is late)

Well, it’s sad to see the Yanks win their 27th WS title :*( I really wanted to see the Phillies pull back-2-back World Series titles. Well, every magazine out their predicts the Phillies will win in 2010 and every magazine predicted that the Yankees would win this year. Good job predictors, guess you guys are good at your job 😉 Anyways, you can win the “Phillies Win” post on my blog by clicking this link if it works.


So there you go

~ by Eric E on November 11, 2009.

15 Responses to “Yankees win. :( (Yes, I know this is late)”

  1. Dude. I need your help. I got kicked off TNS. So did Sabres333, Ski114G3, and even Numinater, aka Lif3line. Sabres678 put my friends at school on, and they are authors, and Alex W, aka Werlinator, is one of the guys. Sabres678 is trying to add us back, but Werlinator keeps kicking us off. Dude what do we do? Comment on this site. We need a battle plan Eric. TNS was fine, but now it’s ruined. The War of TNS has begun.

  2. BTW my suggestion is convincing Sabres678 to kick off Werlinator. We need to convince him, including you. Remember. Answer my comment on this site.

  3. Hmm… Idk. I will try my best. We definetly need a plan. Lets try to convince sabres!

  4. WOW. Plus there’s no disscussion. HE WANTED HIS TO HAPPEN! TNS IS DOOMED OVERALL. But, at least you have a site to fall back on. I quit overall

  5. Yeah idk. I just got back from Texas and I am as sick as a dog right now. I might have the flu, idk. Stupid New Mexico, I hate that place! That is where I got sick of course.

  6. eric do you want to be added to thelifeol.wordpress.com?

  7. Yes, please. 🙂 I will gladly accept the offer.

  8. Hey Eric. I’m back on TNS, and I’ll ask Sabres333 if I can add you back on.

  9. Duly noted.

  10. Server: Sleet
    Place: Secret Ninja Place( Inside Ninja Hideout)
    Time: 9:15 PST
    Day: Today!
    Comment If you can attend!

  11. Hey Eric. I quit TNS. It just got boring. We can still talk and stuff here though. We can be penpals! Yeah! Anyway, Shane Dawson has a new funny video I think you’ll enjoy:

    Go to this link for the video! It’s SO FUNNY! Tell me what you think of it! 🙂

  12. Okay. That is okay, I understand bro 🙂 Of course we can be pen pals, it is always a cool experience to chat with you 🙂

    Anyways, listen to the new song I posted on my blog by Trapt called “Headstrong”. You have probably heard it before 🙂 It’s a great pump up song 😉

  13. Did you see the new Shane Dawson? If you haven’t, click the link. What’d you think about it?

  14. No, my computer is too slow for it. I will ask to borrow my dad’s computer soon 🙂

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