Hey you guys! Ive decided that because we have almost 3,000 hits that i will have a beta dance party!!!! So please take this image and give a link to my site! I would like to get lots of people to come to this!

I havent decided what time it will be yet! And the room is secret s get Beta pass from me! Thats so i can figure out how many peeps are coming! Thats all you guys! Oh and one more thing! If you cant read what that sais then here it is:

Lecraemans beta dance party!

Time: Unknown

Server: Yukon

Room: Secret

Dress in oldest items you have! Prizes may be given out to the oldest beta penguins! Get beta invitation from lecraeman!

Then link it to my site or add a link below it! That way they can come here and find out how to get beta invitation!


~ by lecraeman on December 14, 2009.


  1. when’s the party. I hvaven’t checked this blog in forever

  2. Christmas Eve party!!
    Server: Sleet
    Time: 5:00-7:00
    Place: Dock
    Tell everyone!!!!1

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