Trackers! (Wow, I’m really getting back into CP)!

I have met:

Cadence 2x

Penguin Band 2x

-Stompin’ Bob


-G Billy

-Petey K

Gary x1 (but got his background on 2 penguins because I logged in got his background on Eric E and logged back on with Eric4280 and got his background)

Aunt Arctic x1

Rockhopper x1

Sensei x0

basic stats. Anyways, I will be a non member soon, starting April 12th. 2 days after my 2nd anniversary! I have combined it, my b-day, 10,000 hits, and my 2 year birthday all in one party! It will be soon, and hopefully I can record it and put on youtube. Anyways, if I see any celebrities, I will post when and where they last were. If you see one, comment below, I will put the information on THIS post and give credit to your penguin name, and your website if you have one.

~ by Eric E on March 19, 2010.

27 Responses to “Trackers! (Wow, I’m really getting back into CP)!”

  1. How’s it going Eric? Long time no see! 😀 Guess what? The Buffalo Sabres rule! So does Miller! Did you watch the Olympics, especially hockey? Sorry about the Ducks. They’ll make it next year.

    Also, I got an iPod Touch. It’s pretty sweet.

  2. It’s already playoff time? Thanks buddy, didn’t the Penguins just win the cup 😦 My life is flying by. I can’ believe I didn’t watch one game this season, one period, one minute, not even one second. I didn’t even keep up with the stats. I feel like such a loser. It’s cause I have been so focused on baseball season coming up 😥 I actually feel like crying…

    My teacher turned on the Olympics on the TV for 7th period cause he’s a major hockey fan, so I got to watch about 25 minutes of the Olympic hockey. it was USA VS. Finland. So I watched a little of the olympics. I know Canada one in Overtime *Cough Cough* LUCKY! Stupid Crosby 😈 ahh I’m just playing, I really respect Crosby, I think he’s the future 🙂

    How is the iTouch? I got an iPhone, but aren’t they the same? I know they’re kinda different, but aren’t they nearly the same? Also, can we talk more? You are one reason I missed hockey season! I’m so use to you posting game times on TNS!!! I guess I was spoiled back then! 😀

  3. Yeah, TNS was fun, but I’ve moved on. The Washington Capitals are the best team right now. Also, people only talk about 3 players right now: Crosby (hate him), Ovechkin (REALLY HATE HIM!), and Ryan Miller (U ROCK MILLER!).

    And yeah, there is some differences between the iTouch and iPhone. Besides the phone (obiviously), you can’t get the compass like on the iPhone 3GS. That’s really about it.

    BTW: Really cool app u gotta get. It’s called Doodle Jump! It’s only $0.99. VERY ADDICTIVE!

    U kno, talking with you really makes me miss the good ol’ days when we had TNS. I was just hangin’ out with Numinater yesterday. Well, I hang out with him a lot, though. You and I gotta talk more.

    BTW (again): HAPPY EASTER! 😀


  4. I agree Bro! We need to talk more!

    TNS was really fun 🙂 Sorry I didn’t post more 😦 😦 😦

    Well, I got the iPhone 3gs and trust me, the compass is nothing to hold your breath about if you know what i mean, I haven’t really got to USE it, but I have seen it and it’s just as a normal.

    Doodle jump? Done deal! I know this will sound weird, but there is this application (app) called “I am T-Pain”. It’s so awesome! You can view some vids about it on youtube, but what it does is, you sing into your phone, you save the recording, you can add background beats, and it makes your voice sound techno-ish, like t-pain! It’s so fun and it’s hilarious XD It’s around 2.99, but it’s WORTH IT!

    UGH! DONT EVEN MENTION CROSBY ON THIS BLOG! JK but seriously, what he did for team Canada… was just plain wrong. It was truly luck what he did.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Ovechkin or Miller winning, I think they’re both superstar phenoms who deserve it.

    Happy easter! Also today is Good Friday, I was raised Catholic so I know what this is 😀

  5. Just bought Doodle Jump! Luckily I had $1.37 in my account 😀 😀 😀 😀

  6. How u liking Doodle Jump? Isn’t it fun? BTW: Stanley Cup Playoffs start on Wednesday. You might have missed the regular season, but you can still watch the playoffs. LETS GO BUFFALO!

  7. IT’S FLIPPIN’ AWESOME! MY HIGH SCORE IS 51,630! And the Ducks are out, you were right. Neidermayer is highly considering retiring 😥 SO LET’S GO SABRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I’m watching the MLB start, my father and I are seriously considering a Ranger game! (I moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to The Colony, Texas near Dallas and Arlington.) So my nearest team is the Rangers.

    My father wanted to take me to a Star game, but the season ended so fast, we didn’t even realize. We thought about a Maverick game (NBA) but the season is almost up also, so baseball is coming, which is great because it’s my favorite sport 🙂 Keep in touch bro!

  9. I’m so ANGRY! I went to the Sabres game today, and Thomas Vanek got SLASHED! HE’S INJURED! Stupid Johnny Boychuk! The Boston Bruins tied the series with the Sabres, 1-1. Vanek had 6 goals in 3 games. We lost 5-3. Time to get revenge on Boston for what they did. Watch out Chara!

    Eric, here’s the link for the Vanek-Boychuk slash. Tell me if this should be more than a 2-minute minor:

    I think Boychuk was being a jerk. It’s amazing how everyone tries to get each Vanek or Miller out! Coach Ruff said that because Vanek got hurt, the Sabres focused on him being ok, more than the game. What do you think? Was the hit legal, or is Boychuk being a jerk?! I go with being a jerk! I WANT REVENGE!!!

  10. The hit was definitely not legal. It was a two handed slash, and should have been remainder of the play off tournament suspension. I mean for the rest of the games between the sabres and bruins. He should be out for the rest of the games. I feel Boychuck was just playing hockey, but he wasn’t playing the right way. he landed a dirty hit on your lead scorer, I hope Vanek can recover.

  11. Game 3 is on tomorrow. I hope someone goes after either Boychuk or Chara. Someone’s got to do something. I say Sabres win in 6.

  12. I agree, I hope the sabres win.

  13. GAME 3 IS ON! WOOHOO! Tied at 1 after the 1st! LETS GO BUFF-A-LO!

  14. This is terrible Eric. We lost the game, 2-1. The Bruins lead the series 2-1. The Sabres are doomed!

  15. Well, how is Vanek doing?

  16. No improvement from Vanek, and the Sabres lost yesterday, 3-2 in 2OT. Let’s face it, Eric. The Sabres are done.

  17. Well, let’s not lose hope yet. It’s only 2-1. If Miller can come through, the Sabres have good chances.

  18. YES!! Sabres won 4-1! We need to win Game 6 to force a Game 7. LETS GO BUFFALO!

  19. YES!

  20. Vanek is supposed to be back Monday for Game 6. This is when we kick things up a notch! Boston gave us a preview of Game 6:

    Game 6 will be INTENSE!

  21. Game 6 will be on in 1 hour. LETS GO BUFFALO! Vanek’s back!

  22. *sigh* …we lost the series, 4-2. Vanek got a goal, but stupid Satan ruined it. We lost Game 6, 4-3. Now I have to wait till October 2010. *sigh*

  23. 😦 Well October isn’t that far away. DOES MIROSLAV SATAN PLAY FOR THE BRUINS NOW? Ironic huh? He was a buffalo for idk how many years.



  26. Yes both are in the 2nd round.

  27. Red Wings about to get eliminated. Down 3-0 in series, things look bleak for them. The Pens-Wings Cup series might not have Round 3 this year.

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