Well to whom ever had the idea to make the Golden Puffle play was a genius. This play has been nominated FOR TWO STRAIGHT YEARS! Amazing! Battling with the other plays were tough, especially with Ruby and the Ruby (Which was my favorite for everything) including costumes, music, script/dialogue, etc… But the Golden Puffle managed a uninamous victory over all! Wow-o-wow!

I also don’t know if this is a glitch, but if you go into the stage, the Quest for the Golden Puffle play is on screen and live, but the Penguin play award music is in the background. Anyways, is it just me, or did the play awards go by in a snap of time? 🙂

Thanks CP, also for all of you wondering, the free item for the April Fools party is at the dock, it’s the red propeller cap, but you have to paint the picture in order to receive the item. HINT HINT! CLICK ON THE MINE ON YOUR MAP! IT’S THE MOST EPIC PLACE OF THE PARTY!

Also a funny pic 🙂

If you look closely, both the box and I were wearing red sun glasses. I was just chillin’ on the beach with an inatimate object 😀


~ by Eric E on April 2, 2010.

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