Hey guys

I have 2 hockey practices today 🙂 its also thanksgiving break!!! happy early thanksgiving guys!

~ by Eric E on November 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “Hey guys”

  1. They say Crosby’s the next Wayne Gretzky. Well, “they” are wrong. Steven Stamkos is the next Gretzky. Stamkos has 21 goals 15 assists already it’s the 2nd month of hockey and Stamkos just…i don’t know. He’s a beast. I want him on the Sabres. Tampa Bay’s been doing well this year. The Stamkos-Lecavalier-St. Louis-Gagne group of forwards really know how to put the puck in the net. I say forget Crosby and Ovechkin. They’re good but not the next two “Wayne Gretzkys”. That job I say belongs to Stamkos if you ask me.

    Also, Happy Thanksgiving! 😀

  2. Wayne Gretzky has predicted Stamkos for 50 goals in 50 games. GRETZKY SAID THIS! I WILL SAW IT ONCE MORE, TWAS GRETZKY WHO STATED THIS! You know you’re awesome when Gretzky predicts you for that achievement, and at 20 years old.

    I’ve been watching a lad named Matt Duchene, he’s a beast!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Honestly, I’m getting a bit sick of crosby and ovechkin, i mean, they’re good, but they’re just in the news wayyyy to much.

    I have also been watching Pavel Datsyuk lately, mainly because he can dangle/deke and i like to dangle and deke…

    Oh btw, are you in a hockey league?

    Happy thanksgiving my pilgrizzle!

  3. Yeah, I’m playing hockey. And who cares what Gretzky says? He said Crosby would be the next Gretzky when he was a rookie. Well, Crosby’s good, but not the next Gretzky. Stamkos is the closest, and I don’t even know why people compare Ovechkin to Gretzky. Ovechkin’s better than Crosby but not better than Stamkos. This is how I rank them from best to last:

    1.) Stamkos
    2.) Tied between Crosby and Ovechkin

    Also, I heard from Hockeybuzz.com that the Sabres and Sharks are talking about a future deal. The guy Eklund heard this last night. I also heard Devin Setoguchi didn’t play last night. He wasn’t injured and the Sharks mentioned nothing about him sitting out according to Sharks fans. Maybe Setos a Sabre? That would be cool. If I was Regier, I’d offer the following:

    To Sharks:

    Tim Connolly
    Craig Rivet
    Patrick Lalime
    2nd Round 2011

    To Sabres:

    Devin Setoguchi (or Joe Pavelski)
    Niclas Wallin (or Kent Huskins)
    Antti Niemi

    Antti Niemi’s playing backup to Antero Niitymaki. Now Niitymaki is ok, but Niemi won the Stanley Cup last year, and now he’s backup. I think it’s a good deal. Both teams benefit if u ask me.

    Well, this is prolly just a rumor. Eklund always has rumors. Ek said the Sabres were supposed to get Jarome Iginla a couple weeks ago. Now, I give him points for knowing that the Flames wanted to trade him, but Buffalo wouldn’t have anything they need.

  4. Antti Niemi shouldn’t be backup, he is a Stanley cup champion. but I feel the sharks will never go for Lalime… Although setoguchi or Pavelski would be great additions to the sabres

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