About Eric

hi, i am eric. i like to go on glub penguin and i love playing and watching sports. i will be keeping you up to date with both subjects. peace and God bless. oh and if you’re wondering how i got my domain name, its ericecpcheats. well erice stands for erice=eric e, cp= club penguin, cheats=cheats. ericecpcheats=eric e’s club penguin cheats


4 Responses to “About Eric”

  1. Or…

    E Rice’s Cp Cheats?

  2. go to my site its orcsofclubpenguin.synthasite.com

  3. Loll add me on cp eric(:

  4. i love it 🙂 oh BTW eric i went self hosted at http://lecraemanspage.co.cc

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