CP ideas

Well, title explains it all! Here is where we all kick around some Club Penguin ideas whether it be: clothing items, mini-games, parties, rooms, penguin/puffle colors, etc… You should get the point by now on what to do. I am making this page to have fun, so don’t try and think of any ideas, because when you try, stuff doesn’t come up to you. Use the left side of your brain, use your imagination, be a visionary, have fun! You can say anything! When I get around 10 or so ideas, I may e-mail CP with your exact words crediting you with the idea.

Let’s face it, CP is going downhill with ideas. Between bringing back free items, bringing the same free items in just different colors, same parties, same clothes, they need us just as we need them! We’re the ones who make Club Penguin what it is today. They may never admit to it, but they definetly hint to us that they need us in their blog posts. Lets help them! We’re all a team here! So just lets have fun!

You can even credit someone elses comment or idea just by saying,”Good idea_!” or just compliment other ideas.

Try to keep profanity to a minimum, but make sure to raise your fun and creative level to a maximum! Whether you’re in your Grandma’s swimming pool, riding your bike or skateboard, on a rollercoaster, and you have an idea… just jot it down on some paper and give it to me, so then I can give it to CP and give you credit! I will be posting comments and ideas also! Remember, I just make the page, you’re the commenters and you make this blog what it is!

Now get commenting and lets kick around some ideas!

7 Responses to “CP ideas”

  1. Pruple sunglasses, gray swim trunks, Red White and Blue baseball cap, Brown Puffle, Grey penguin color, brown emo hair (like the “chill” hairstyle) Jeans, green Irish lei (for St. Pat’s day), Korean straw hat (like Sensei’s hat), Band t-shirts, Skateboard hand item + skateboard mini-game, more boardshort colors, bring back the black and white striped emo t-shirt, grey and black horizontal striped t-shirt.

    More stuff coming.

  2. Club Penguin Ps2, ps3, xbox, xbox360, ps1, psp game or something like that. Something that you can play on a big tv.

    Bring back the fireman suit, everyone loves an igloo set on fire! Fireman love to put the fire out. With a fire suit, penguins can do that.

    Bring back the water party and sports party.

  3. Baseball bat. Hawaiian Luau party (Heatblast 229’s idea), a sports bar, The Soccer pitch and the hockey rink be in CP at the same time,

  4. I got a really good idea…… NO DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Haha… I was talking to my dad earlier about that, how Disney doesn’t allow you to say anything or do anything on CP. Sorry Muddy, I can’t email that idea to CP. I don’t think that would be good to email that idea to Disney πŸ˜‰

  6. I’m distraught. Everyone loves sports, so why did they take the sports party away?

    Distraught means confused by the way. I’m so smart, LOL πŸ˜†

  7. They should have like a super Cp mission where Gary gets held hostage by herbert and you were with but u just woke and u have no spy phone no puffles no nothin’ just ur head!!

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